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by Norman
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No one would address it - the elephant in the room
We all sat down to dinner,
chicken Kiev with mushrooms.
No one would address it,
the elephant in the room.

So we all sat there in silence.
Nobody made a sound.
I got so madly anxious
my heart began to pound.

My dad was looking at me.
My mom stared at the door.
I knew I must say something;
I started to implore.

I said, “His name is Norman.
I found him at the zoo.
He looked so lost and lonely,
so what else could I do?”

So we fed Norman peanuts.
He ate some mushrooms too.
Darned if I would send him back;
he’s finished with that zoo.

My Mom said I could keep him.
He would sleep in my room.
But when I had to walk him,
I’d better take a broom.

And a shovel. A big shovel.
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