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Summer's reign had ended, the autumn wind grew colder,
The greenery of forests had turned to colors bolder,
The hearts of little children, so easy to deceive,
Beat fast with excited pumps for All Hollow's Eve.

We carved a huge pumpkin in family tradition,
Lit bright burning candles and placed them in position,
Where all passing travelers could plainly behold,
A menacing grin glowing orange and gold.

On early Halloween, before anyone could light,
We found the pumpkin's candle already burning bright,
Attached by tape a note, it's message dealt a blow,
A handwritten warning, "Keep an eye on the scarecrow."

What ghostly spirit, witch, or sinister force unseen,
Was at work to frighten us on this Halloween?
We set out a huge bowl filled with many confections sweet,
On the table, on the porch, and watched up and down the street.

At dusk, the costumed children wandered to and fro,
But none were dressed up as any kind of scarecrow,
Until someone in rags and straw too big to be a child,
Danced halfway up our walk, moving loose and wild.

We stood in amazement at his rhythmic reverie,
The talent of the scarecrow was plain for all to see,
We couldn't tear our eyes away from his spinning frame,
Then suddenly he ran away just as fast as he came.

We sensed something different which broke the scarecrow's spell,
We looked upon the table and I muttered, "What the hell?"
The grinning pumpkin, candy bowl, and note had disappeared,
The strangeness of the moment was the thing we most feared.

In their place, someone had left us another note,
"Thanx for all the candy," was the secret someone wrote,
We realized what happened as we sank into our seats,
That scary Halloween when we were tricked out of our treats.

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