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I awoke with an incredible headache. The first thing I noticed was that my arm felt tingly. I couldn’t yet open my eyes. The pain felt like bolts of hot iron behind my eyes; far worse than a migraine. I feared it was a concussion. Our chief medical officer would make the final decision but with my cross-training in both the medical field and quantum dynamics, I was fairly certain my analysis was correct.

Carefully I leaned up on the arm that did not feel tingly and opened my eyes. I leaned a little farther up and my body was tugged to a stop by my other arm. I looked down. My arm was buried to the elbow in the floor of the ship.

My first reaction was to jerk my arm up which resulted in a painful crack in my shoulder. My arm would not move. It was as if it had been buried in cement.

I heard a muffled shout from far off but could do nothing at the moment. Elevated heart rate, sense of impending doom, sudden sweats, breathing growing ragged...I was about to have an anxiety attack and I had no way to run.

Someone’s voice came over the ship’s intercom, “Hey there Crew...sooooooo...it appears we crash landed. Bumpy ride for most of you I’m sure. Still trying to do a headcount but at the moment I’m a little more concerned with the hand count. Is anyone by any chance missing a hand? Because there seems to be a hand still fully functional growing out of a wall in engineering.”

My heart dropped. That was five levels below me. I reached into my pocket for my communicator. “This is Dr. Deschain, I believe that may be mine. Anyone else experiencing odd symptoms? I fear this planet may be unstable.”

“Doctor,” chuckled the voice on the other end, “you don’t know the half of it.”

I looked down and almost jumped again. My hand was back and intact. How had I gotten it back? I stood up, still groggy from hitting my head. I reached out and touched a wall. It seemed solid and nothing happened to my fingers. I pressed and only succeeded in making a knuckle crack loudly.

Then I thought I saw something, as though I could see the individual atoms in the wall rippling. I could see the microscopic space between the atoms. I swirled my fingers into these spaces and my hand melted into the wall. Shortly after, I heard a scream as my fingers bumped something. The scream sounded like it was on the floor above me. I suddenly felt stinging in my hand as though something was slapping at it. My mind for some reason went straight to bat’s wings. Instead of pulling back I thrust my shoulder through the wall, closed my eyes and shoved my head through. I opened my eyes and saw I was hanging from the wall as one of the nurses in the Med Bay slapped at me with her eyes closed. I pulled back into the empty room I had woken up in.

I had just traveled through a wall trans-dimensionally and ended up on a completely different floor! Controlling this power would take some time, but the implications of where I could travel seemed potentially infinite! Who knows how limited I was by space or time? This was how I discovered my powers and my alter ego Dr. Atom.
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