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by Norman
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Good friends are hard to come by
Did you ever have one of those times
you think you’re at your end?
When life is ganging up on you?
That’s when you need a friend.

A friend will talk you through bad times.
A friend will understand.
A friend will listen to your fears.
A friend will hold your hand.

A friend will share a drink with you
when you’ve something to forget.
A friend will call a taxi so
you don’t have that regret.

A friend will wake you up at night;
you’re someone he can call.
A friend will know you’ll catch him when
it’s he who starts to fall.

A friend will complement you and
a friend will point you straight.
A friend will stand beside you and
a friend will save the date.

Good friends are hard to find, you know,
they don’t just come along.
You have to be a friend yourself;
stand by him right or wrong.

I know a lot of different folks
but few that I’d call friend.
Good friends will always be with you.
They’re with you to the end..

A friend will lend you money too.
A friend will help you out.
A friend will always be right there.
A friend will ease your doubt.

So what I’m trying to tell you is
I’m really up the creek.
But if you lend me fifty bucks
I’ll pay you back next week.

Thanks. That’s an even two hundred now, right?

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