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Egon gets a date with his crush. It ends very different than he had imagined.
Chapter 1

Egon looked up from his smartphone to check the analogue clock that was ticking on the wall of the lecture room.
3:03 pm.
This damn "gender studies" class ends on 3:15 pm. It's over soon.

He sweeped his eyes through the rows and had to chuckle.
Nobody paid attention as the female lecturer discussed a slide of her Powerpoint presentation way too long with herself.
Even the girls with short and coloured hair in the first row seemed to drift off due to the typical afternoon tiredness.
The slide said
"Sex: biological difference between males and females
Gender: How society conceives males and females. May change with time and culture"
Egon was pretty sure that this was just a repetition of the first lecture of this new university semester. His first.
He didn't want to be in this class, but for some unexplained reason everybody with a scientific study programme had to take it.
Objectively, it isn't that bad. Just sitting one and half an hour in the room, then writing some nonsensical summary on the lecture and you get more credits than should be allowed for such a useless class.
Subjectively though there's so much more fun stuff to do on a friday afternoon.
He looked at the clock again.
He let out a sigh that was way to loud. It came out as a strange sound.
A few people around him turned to him and laughed silently.
The girl seated two seats right to him also looked up shortly from the paper where she was calculating something.
He moved closer and looked at the paper.
He recognized it. It was an exercise on chemical calculations.
She got the right result. There was only a small mistake.
"There are only three significant figures in point 3"
She controlled it.
"You're right, thanks"
"No problem"
Egon was studying chemistry. For now. He planned on going down a more biological or medical route later.
The girl had it more thought out. Ava Montanes wanted to study Forensic. But that also includes most of the chemistry lectures. That was how Egon knew her.
He had thrown an eye on her since the first class they had together.
He was checking her out now.
The tight black jeans really looked good on her athletic legs. The thin lila pullover made it possible to see that her sweet bosoms was the only bumb on the front side of her torso. They weren't overly large, but they fit perfectly into her sporty picture. He looked up into her face. She was pretty. Her brown eyes and her fair pale skin played well together. And gosh, did she rock her glasses she wore when writing. Her dark brown silky hair was bound back strictly. This gave her the aura of a strict businesswoman that has everything under control.
Egon imagined being in a relationship with her. Talking over tea or coffee, finding out that she isn't really as strict as she seems to be. Then walking down the market in Christmas time, holding hands. Then he imagined her naked, with her delicious thighs engulfing his hips, moaning and giggling out of pleasure as she humps him.
He shook of the fantasy that has aroused him.
The class ends soon and it would be embarrassing to stand up with a boner.

He knew that it's unlikely that this fantasy becomes true. He was still a virgin. In school he had the reputation of a nerd, because he was talented with numbers, which makde him one of the best in any related classes. Chemistry, Physics and that kind of stuff. He was also very shy to talk other people, especially girls. That made him a loner.
But that ends now. It won't change if I do nothing. After this class is over, I'm going to ask Ava to go for a tea.
The rain was pressed against the window due to the piercing wind.
This late October weather will help me to do this.
Everybody started packing their stuff. Egon completely missed the end of the lecture.
He quickly pocketed his phone and shoved the notebook into his bag.
He donned his old, but still in pristine condition, coat and put on his gloves and cap.
Ava had already started to walk outside.
Egon quickly hurried after her.
Now or never. Or actually nothing is lost if I do this next week... No! Now!
She stopped. She was a few centimeters shorter than Egon.
Her green eyes met Egon's.
"Yes, Egon"
"Would you like to... I mean, I was just wondering if you like to..."
Why am I so awkward?
"Do you have time right now?"
"For what?"
"How about we go for a tea?"
She looked at her wristwatch and outside the window.
At least she's considering it.
Her gaze shifted back on Egon's face.
"Come on, please say yes"
The answer came instantly.
Egon was surprised. So was Ava.
"Woah, really?"
Then she opened her eyes in shock.
"No, no, no. I have to go"
"Wait, what?"
Egon looked after her running away.
That's typical. I ask a girl out and she runs away. Looks like I'm going to stay single for the rest of my life. I mean, what did I do wrong?
A hand patted me on my shoulder.
"Goodness, Egon, what did you do?"
Dave was also studying chemistry. But rather just to study anything. He had gone to the same school as Egon.
"I did nothing wrong"
"Girls don't simply run off without a reason"
"This one did"
"You know Egon, maybe you should start small. This babe is out of your league"
Egon didn't know how to respond to that.
"Anyway,...", Dave continued "we plan on meeting up tonight. Do you want to come? I'll send out the details in our Whatsapp group chat. There are also gonna be some girls there. You can let your charme play. Just make sure that none of them runs off again"
"I'll think about it and write you."
"Great. Bye"
During their conversation they've left the building.
Egon went over to his bike and unlocked it. Although the weather was not the best for cycling, it was still the best way to get around the city.

During the seven minutes ride with the bike, the cold had seeped into Egon's bones. Right now he lived in a old flat in the outskirts of the city. It has once belonged to his grandmother on his mother's side. She had passed away three years ago. Therefore she had outlived her daughter, Egon's mother. Egon's parents died in a car crash when he was just a baby. After that, he moved in with his aunt and uncle. They raised him like he was their son.
Egon carried his bike up the stairs to the third floor. There was no elevator in the old house.
He put the bike down beside his door and fumbled with his gloves to get his key out of his pocket.
"Still taking your bike even in this weather?"
Egon turned around and faced the tall young man behind him.
"It isn't that bad, Daniel"
Daniel lived on the same floor as Egon in the apartment opposing his. He was a student of medicine and had this year started to work in the local hospital to get hands on experience.
"You do know that there is a bus stop just down the road, right? The line 4 goes directly to the Uni"
"Bike is way cheaper and, I even measured it, faster"
"Whatever you say, Master"
Egon chuckled. The two neighbors sometimes would meet up in Daniel's apartment to play some video games together and drink some beers on free evenings. Master was the nickname Daniel gave him because Egon almost always beat him in Mario Kart.
Daniel made his way to the stairs.
"Are you going to work?"
"Yes. Night shifts through the whole weekend. Sadly, I won't function enough in the next days to play against you again."
"That sucks"
"Yep. Anyways, we will probably see each other sometimes. Bye"
He opened the door and walked from the cold staircase into his slightly warmer flat. As a student, Egon didn't have enough money to buy new furniture, so his flat still had most of his grandmother's furniture. But that didn't bother him. It was a big flat, costing him almost nothing. There was an anteroom leading to a small bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom and also a small living room.
He sat down on the couch in the latter and opened his laptop that was on the small table before him. He could have gone for a run, but he just didn't want to in this rain. So he wrote the summary for the class to get it over with.
He actually ended up watching some useless YouTube videos.
Then his phone vibrated. It was a message from Dave in the Study programme group chat.

"Meeting point at 8 pm in the ranka 🍻"

The "ranka" was the student bar on the campus.
Egon knew that he would be drinking two or more beers if he went there tonight, so he would have to walk in the cold.
But on the other hand there was nothing else he had to do in the evening, so he responded
He didn't like emojis. So many words could be used instead.
He put his phone down. It immediately vibrated a few more times. Probably replies to Dave's message. Maybe some of his collegues were coming later. He looked at the clock on his phone.
Egon went to the kitchen and started cooking dinner. Spaghetti Cabonara.
It was easy enough to make.
As the noodles were cooking, he checked the messages.
Like he thought. Just messages in the study programme chat. He marked them as read and put the phone back in his trousers when it vibrated again.
He checked it, determined to just push away another useless message, when he saw who had written him.
It was Ava.
"Hey. Sorry about what happened today. I was in a hurry. A tea would have been great. How about we meet at the entrance of the park besides the campus and get a tea then. What time are you free?"
Egon jumped in the air of all the joy he felt. He immediately started to write on a reply, when the pot cooked over.
He took the pot off the heating plate.
One thing at a time. First cooking. Then replying.
A few minutes later he sat by the kitchen table eating the spaghetti with his right and writing with his left.
"Sounds great. Let's meet up at 7:15. Then we could go meet with the other guys of chemistry"
It didn't take a minute until she replied.
"Okay. I'll see you there"
Yes. I got a date.
He finished dinner, got some nice clothes out of his closet and took a shower.
Afterwards it was 6:15. He didn't want to be late, so he left his flat shortly after half to seven.
At the bottom of the stairs he realized that he had forgotten to lock his door properly.
It's not like I have anything worth stealing in there. Normal people still cannot go in there. I ain't going back up there.
As he was walking, he tried to find some conversation topics. Hard to do. He barely knew her.
Maybe talk about her family? Her hobbies?
Yeah, that could work.

When he came there, it had just turned seven.
Now he waited.
He heard her calling from the park
"I'm here, Egon"
Although the lamps were lit he couldn't make out any silhouette.
He walked where the voice had came from.
She was nowhere to be seen.
He heard a strange clicking noise and felt something pressed hard against the back of his skull.
"Not a word" Ava said behind him.
He felt a kick against the back of his knees and he fell to the wet, leaf covered floor.
"I said "not a word". Unless I say so"
I turned to her and looked down the barrel of a gun with a silencer.
What the fuck?
Egon nicked, so she knows he understood
She began to speak again.
"Good. Now release me"
"From what"
She kicked him again
"Wrong words. Say "Don't be my servant anymore""
Why in the hell would she want me to say that?
She grabbed him by his hair and pressed the cold barrel against his forehead.
"Just say it!"
"Don't be my servant anymore! Will you let me go now?"
Ava released her grip on him. She lowered her gun a little bit.
"Not yet. Order me to pick up a leaf"
Not sure why, but she points a gun at me, so I have to do what she asks me to
"Pick up a leaf"
She didn't do it.
She pointed the gun at his head again and got ready to shoot
"Please put the gun away"
She suddenly was on the floor and set the gun down beside her.
"What?" she baffled. "A keyword?"
"What is even going on here?"
He didn't get an answer as Ava had produced a short wire from her jacket and jumped behind him. Egon felt the wire on the skin of his throat. It pulled tight. He was panicking, desperately trying to get it off.
However he tried, he couldn't breathe.
His efforts in getting fingers under the wire were futile.
"I'm going to let you get a breath in. And you'll better say "PLEASE don't be my servant anymore". You understand?"
Even though it was hard to think, Egon knew that even if he did, she was still going to kill him.
He nicked anyway, desperate to get air in.
The strain on his throat supsided and he sucked in the cold air.
"Please," he began panting "release me"
She did it anyway. The wire lost all its tension.
Egon fell on his need and coughed, then finally breathing free again. His throat hurt like hell.
He started to catch on to what was happening.
Ava had already sprung up and went around him, holding up a knife.
"Please don't hurt me!", he groaned
She ceased her movements and then put away her knife.
Egon struggled to stand up. Then he started to run away from the scene.
Who knows what this psychopath is still up to?
"Wait!" she packed his wrist.
"Let go of me!"
"Don't tell the police. Or anybody else. If you do, they will find you. And they won't give you a chance to escape like I did."
"Please let go of me!"
She did that immediately.
"And please don't follow me"
With this words Egon ran out of the park.

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