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Ben shrinks at his girlfriends house. Will he be able to survive or fall victim to her fam
It was a Friday afternoon, Ben just arrived at his girlfriends house. He walked inside his girlfriend’s (Maddie) house. To his surprise no one was home. He walked in knowing he was welcome and decided to go take a nap in his girlfriends bed until she arrived.
         Ben woke with a startle. He rubbed his eyes and noticed he was in a giant field. Actually it was some weird floor. He then realized the unbelievable. He was on his girlfriends bed about the size of an ant. Ben heard his girlfriends mom get home.
         ”Ben!” She yelled. She saw his car sitting outside but got no reply. “Hmm, he must’ve went with Maddie.”
         Ben needed to get Maddie’s moms attention. Ben went into Maddie’s Moms room and started climbing up her bed. To his surprise he was able to climb exceptionally well. Once he reached the top of her bed he looked around for her. She was in their bathroom showering. Ben with no intentions of seeing his girlfriends Mom naked decided it would be best if he waited. Maddie’s Mom was about 50 years old but looked more like 40. She was skinny, had blonde hair, glasses, not a very big butt or boobs but still was fairly attractive. Ben heard the shower shut off. He could hear her humming while attending to her hygiene needs when the bathroom door opened. She was still naked. She went over to her dresser and started grabbing some clothes. That’s when things took a turn for the worst. She started walking towards Ben. Ben watched as his girlfriends moms ass cheeks parted and she sat right on him as she was getting her underwear and socks on. Ben was literally up against her asshole. It smelt like shit. Ben trying to hold his breath could feel his whole right arm up her ass. To him her asshole was the size of an ordinary door. It was pink, with a slight brown coloration all around. Trying to get free Ben pushed against her asshole with his free arm only to have that arm slip in. His face was literally up against her poop chute. That’s when she stood up and slightly puckered her asshole pushing Bens arms out. Ben was trapped in her underwear still right next to her ass. The smell was unbearable. She’s had to have just taken a shit for it to be as bad as it was.
         Out of nowhere a light appeared and her cheeks parted a bit. Two fingers came down and grabbed Ben. Quitting through her glasses, Maddie’s Mom looked at Ben.
         ”Ben? Is that you?” Maddie’s Mom said. “What were you doing in my buttcheeks? That must’ve been a hell of a sight at your size.”
         ”You sat in me after your shower. Then you put your underwear on and I’ve been stuck there till now.”
         ”Dang, I’m Sorry. I have got to say I wasn’t expecting to find you in my pants but since you are here this leaves me with no better time to catch you upon stuff. First off, you shrunk, so you must’ve drank some of my special juice. I shrink people I don’t like Ben and not gonna lie you’ve been on my list of people I don’t know if I like yet or not. But, since you shrunk yourself I guess I’m going to have to put you on my list of people I don’t like because there isn’t anything I can do with you once you’re shrunk but dispose of you.”
         Shocked Ben sat there thinking to himself, ”this can’t be real.”
          Maddie’s Mom said, “Don’t worry I’m pretty creative with ways of disposing of tinies. So how should I dispose of you?”
          Not knowing how to respond, Ben just waited to hear more from Maddie’s Mom.
          “I would shove you up my ass but you’ve already got a sneak peek of that hole idea if you know what I mean,” she said,” Or I could eat you and show you why my asshole stinks so bad.” As she said that she raised Ben above her mouth and opened it. Ben could see right down her throat, knowing what would come if she dropped him into her gullet.
          “Nah, that’d be to easy, plus I’ve at the last couple tinies and I’m getting bored of that for now,” she said, “ maybe I should feed you to Lilly.” Lilly was Maddie’s dog, she was a nice dog with black hair, pretty short but hefty. Usually a dog chews a couple times what they eat, but Ben knew if Lilly got him, she would swallow whole like she does with her treats and Ben would go through the process of becoming her dog shit.
          Maddie’s Mom got a smile on her face. “I have an idea.” After that she put me into a small box. “You will wait here until I get back.”
          After a few hours Ben heard someone come into the room. The box opened up being super bright. It was Maddie’s Mom.
“Well we are going to see how long you can last with out crazy family. Everyone is home and there will be some events that I think will be hard to survive past.” Maddie’s Mom was crazy, Ben didn’t dare know how many people have died from her, but all Ben knew was there was a chance he was going to be one of them.
          As Ben was in Maddie’s Moms hand he could hear stuff getting louder. The TV was on, someone was cooking, and someone was reading something on their computer. Ben had a tiny hole to see out of and could see Maddie’s Dad on his computer, Maddie’s sister, Kallie, was watching TV and stretching, and Maddie was in the kitchen helping with making supper.
          “Hey Kallie, you want to help me with something? My back hurts and I was wondering if you could grab this,” Maddie’s Mom said. Kallie said sure and got up from her stretching, as she bent over Ben could see her butt crack appear from the top of her yoga pants. And so did Maddie’s Mom. Ben was dropped and fell down to the rim of her pants. She stood up and they tightened around his waist. He was saved. So he thought. Kallie went back to the TV and started her work out. As she was excising she did a squat. Ben fell past the rim of her pants and was right at the top of her buttcheeks. As she squatted each time Ben was slowly slipping in. Ben didn’t want to get face to face with her asshole too. Kallie was a pretty girl, she had long brown hair, and really nice ass, really nice face and wasn’t too skinny or big. As Kallie kept working out her sweat started to lubricate him more and he started to slip farther. He could feel his feet enter the little pocket made by her asshole. Finally, he was face to face with it. Every squat it opened slightly and did it smell bad. Kallie was know to take the smelliest poops in the whole family and Ben now knew first hand how bad it was. Her asshole was brown all around. Not because she didn’t wipe well, but because it’s pigment was that color. It was so sweaty and slippery. That’s when things got much worse. She sat down to do sit ups. Ben was pressed right against her asshole. He tried using his feet to press away and they slipped in with ease. Every sit up Kallie would clench her butt, then sit up, and go back down. With every clench Bens torso would slip in further. To his scale every sit up took off about 3 inches of his body. Another 15 sit-ups and Ben would be up her ass. Ben was up to his neck now. He did not want to get her buttplug, but he had no choice. As she kept doing sit ups Ben was engulfed by Kallie’s ass. She had no idea that he was up there, but Ben was trying his best to get out. The smell was 10 times worst once inside. Ben Turned and used his phones flashlight. Ben then thought to himself why don’t I call for help. As he typed in a number it said no connection available. At his size only the basic functions of the phone worked. He turned and saw the last thing he wanted to see. A huge turd sat there. Ben had no where to go but wait. He looked closer at Kallie’s shit. There was corn, shit, shit and; bones. Maddie’s Mom must’ve fed people to her family. Desperately trying to get out of Kallie’s ass Ben got a running start and ran into her inner sphincter. To his amazement he slipped almost all the way through. Kallie thought she had a shit coming on. By that time Ben slipped though and grabbed onto one of her anal hairs. She sat on the toilet and pushed that log you had seen out. You watched and held on for dear life as her giant shit curled in the toilet. Finally, she wiped. You were able to hang on but got a bit of shit stuck to your clothes. She pulled her pants up and flushed. You landed in the bottom of her underwear and snuck out through her pant leg. You decided you needed to get to Maddie’s room if you were going to survive.
         Ben entered Maddie’s room trying to a think of a place that could get him in a safe spot where Maddie would see him. As he was looking he heard a lick. He turned around and saw Lilly staring at him. Slowly he backed up into the room more. He quickly ran under her bed knowing Lilly couldn’t catch him. He could see her maw and long pink tongue trying to get him, but he was safe for now. Finally Lilly gave up and walked out of the room. Ben slowly came out, but at the worst possible time. Looking into Maddie’s room was Maddie’s Mom.
          “Ben? How the heck did you get out of Kallie’s ass?” She said, “ not going to lie I figured you would’ve been in our sewer system when she went to the bathroom. Anyways.” She picked Ben up. “Well I can have you trying to get away and telling on me so I guess I’m going to have to dispose of you in a non-escapable way.” With that she walked out to the kitchen with Ben in her hand. She tossed Ben into the giant bowl of Mac and Cheese. They were all waiting at the dinner table waiting to be served their food.
          Ben was struggling to wipe the cheese off of him as he blended right in with it. They all prayed, and dug in. Maddie’s Mom said, “Girls dish up.” First was Maddie, she loved Mac and cheese. The first few scoops missed Ben. Next was Kallie. Ben really didn’t want to end up like her log earlier. She missed him too. There was still a lot of Mac and cheese left and Maddie’s family was hungry.
Ben watched as food went down all of their throats. Who knows how many people have died at this dinner table. That’s when Ben felt himself being lifted up. He looked as his girlfriend put him on her plate. She instantly dug in a brought Ben up to her mouth. She hardly chews and down Ben went. Maddie never knew what happened to Ben. She was heart broken and Maddie’s Mom knew that he went through one of their digestive systems. But that wasn’t her problem because she knew there would be more to come.

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