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Getting stuck with choices isn’t always easy. Story about Dan from Dan’s perspective.
          My name is Dan. I’m dead right now, but let me tell you how I died.
          I awoke in a dark room. No clue where I was at. I could hear voices but they sounded like gods speaking form above. What I did know was I knew these voices and they knew me. Finally a light showed from above. I was shrunk.
          “He is so cute. This is going to be fun Sam,” said a girl name Brittney. I couldn’t believe it. I was shrunk down to about 3 inches and trapped in a box. And the girls who had me captive weren’t going to be friendly. Sam was my ex girlfriend. Her older sister was Brittney, her younger sister was Jenny, and her best friend was Alex. The four girls were all looking down at me with grins from corner to corner. Sam spoke up, “Hi Dan, as you can see you are shrunk. Once you shrunk I was going to just crush you, but I decided to have some others help with figuring out what to do with you. None of us could think of who should do something to you so we decided to play a game. You like games, right?”
          Not knowing what to expect, I saw four holes get cut out on every side of the box. And the cover was closed. Just a couple of holes on top shined in a bit of light. That’s when stuff got worst.
          “Dan, you get to pick which hole you want to go through. Which ever you pick is who you are going to die in,” said Sam. I didn’t understand. Right then, all four of the cut out holes were replaced with four puckering assholes. You understood now. I had to pick who’s asshole I was going to climb into. I yelled out, “I am not getting in anyone’s asshole, Sam.”
          “If you don’t pick them we will put you in my dad’s drink and he won’t know you went into he stomach to digest slowly, only to turn into his big stinky shit,” replies Sam. All the girls laughed when she said I’d turn him into shit. The thought of dying in Sams Dad was unbearable. I’d much rather get into a girls asshole then come out Sams Dads.
          Knowing I had to pick an asshole, I looked around. The box smelt like shit (go figure). Because I was in a box I couldn’t tell which girl was which based off of their voices. All the assholes looked pretty similar. I thought slowly to figure out who I wanted to die inside. Sam, my ex girlfriend was a heavier girl with blonde hairs and pale skin, big butt and boobs, a bit of stomach but not much, and she wore glasses. Jenny, her younger sister was a brunette, she wasn’t very big, had a big butt and boobs, and was a bit more tan than Sam. Her older sister Brittney was a heavier girl, about 30 years old with pale skin, a very large butt, and short brown hair. Finally, Alex was a very large girl with a giant butt, big stomach, brown hair, and was pretty pale. I didn’t want to go into Alex or Brittneys ass. Both of them would probably be pretty raunchy and plus if I had to die in someones ass I wanted to die in a good looking ass. That meant I needed to try and get into Sam or Jenny’s ass. Looking around, one asshole was very brownish with hairs all around it. I was almost certain that had to be Alex or Brittney’s. The one next to it was a bit more pink with some dark hairs. It looked like Sams ass, but it would be tough to tell. Another one kept on flaring. It was brown all around except when it flared you could see the pinkness. The last asshole was doing the same thing, but then it farted. It was an awful smell. I refused to go with that one. You looked at the flaring one and the pinkish one. You decked the pinkish one was your best shot. You went up to it, the smell was unbearable. You decided to go in in feet first. Once up to about my waist the person started to lean forward to reveal to everyone that they were the winner. I looked out to see Sam, Jenny, and Alex. That meant I was in Brittney’s ass. They all started to laugh as she started to suck me up her ass. I was slowly getting sucked up into her booty. I could see little particles of shit all over her ass hairs now that I was so close. This was awful, all I could see as I was up to my shoulders now was all the girls laughing as I was being engulfed. Finally, I was sucked all the way it. That’s when a dildo came in and pushed me even deeper. It smelt terrible, I could see shit on the walls of her rectum. Finally, after a while I passed out, only to be shit out later that day. I was gone, but at least I don’t have to smell that terrible ass anymore.
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