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You are a guy named Liam. Can you survive being shrunk in an old friends house.
          It was a Friday night and you were going to spend it with your girlfriend, Maddie. Tonight you guys were going to a movie. Before the movie you decided to go to a few stores. One stop being target, while in target you came across a free sample table with no one there. There’s was only two samples left so you and Maddie decided to each have one. After you guys left you got the the movie theater. Once inside you guys went and took your seats being the first in the theater, then, you both blacked out. You woke up and looked around for Maddie. She was on the seat next you. Then you realized... you were both at max 1 inch tall. You yelled for her but she was still blacked out. You jumped from your seat to hers. That’s when things took a turn. You saw someone coming to sit down, and they were coming right for you and Maddie. Then you realized it was your friend from high school, Grace. Grace was about 5’ 4’’, had black hair, freckles, and pale skin. She was sassy, but had a sense of humor and liked to tease with you when you guys were in high school. She had a nice butt, about C boobs, and really liked people to know she was confident in her body. You told Maddie she needed to wake up. She slowly got up and you told her to run. Right as Grace’s ass hit the chair you pushed Maddie out of the way and jumped. You landed on the seat next to her. But sadly you needed to jump back to her thigh because her friend was coming as well. You both got back on the Grace’s chair and relaxed.
          Grace and her friend were watching the movie so you knew getting there attention wouldn’t be easy. You didn’t dare crawl up because they were enjoying popcorn and you didn’t want to get mixed up with that. You and Maddie decided to jump into Grace’s purse. She was your best chance at getting help.
          After the movie you felt yourselves being lifted up. You hear a few doors, mumbled voices, and finally a door slam. Once she stopped you heard the door slam and she brought her purse inside. You heard her on the phone. She was just gossiping and then you heard her say, “ now that I live alone I get very lonely. Maybe if I wasn’t such a bitch people would like me. Yea, I agree, maybe I should just stay a bitch.” She hung up the phone and went and sat on the couch and turned on Netflix.
          “Maddie, now is a good time to see if she can help us,” you say.
          Maddie replied, “Are you sure? She seemed like she doesn’t like people very much.”
          “That’s her style. She’s always been like that. Besides, who else is going to help us. If we leave her house one of us will probably be picked up by an owl and the other will be swallowed by a snake. Does that sound like fun to you?”
          “Fine,” Maddie replied, “I just hope you’re right.” We walked up to the base of Grace’s couch. You told Maddie to follow your lead. We slowly climbed up and got by Grace’s shoulder. She was texting on her phone when you yelled her name.
          “Holy shit!” She screamed. “Liam? Maddie? What kinda drugs did they put in my popcorn?”
          “Grace! It’s actually us. We shrunk and were at the same movie as you and you almost sat on us. We got in your purse so that way once you weren’t distracted you could help us.”
          “And how do you suppose I’ll do that? I don’t know who to go to for help? Plus, what if they think I shrunk you or something. Either that or they will think I’m nuts and put me in a mental ward.”
          “You need to do something,” Maddie replied.
          “Excuse me, I don’t need to do anything, you guys are the one who interrupted my relaxing time,” Grace replied in a very sassy voice, “ actually, you guys can be my pets. I don’t have any and we could have a lot of fun. I’m very lonely. What do you say?”
          “No. Sorry Liam, but I’m taking my chances getting eaten by an owl or a snake,” Maddie said.
          Grace grabbed Maddie up and brought her to her face and said, “It wasn’t really a choice, and if you still deny I’m sure I can make your whole owl snake fate go a little faster,” as she pointed at her visible belly since she was in a sports bra. She opened her mouth and raised Maddie above it. “So what do you say?” She said while smiling an evil smile.
          “Grace quit. Leave her alone. We will do it, just don’t eat her please.”
          “I don’t think that was sincere enough,” she lowered Maddie down to her mouth and sucked on her legs, “I’m tempted to just eat her now. She taste so good.” Maddie was bawling and begging for her to stop. “What’s the matter Maddie. You don’t want to see the inside of Gracie’s tummy? I’m sure you’ll blend in just right. Everything always seems to find its way out,” Grace said while laughing hysterically.
          “Please Grace, stop! We are begging you.”
          “Okay fine. I was kidding anyways, sort’ve,” she said while winking at Maddie.
          “On a real note, you guys are my new pets. Another word I’m going to use is slaves. Maddie, massage my feet. And Liam, I want you to jump back and forth on my boobs. Any failure to do a duty will result in detention.”
          Maddie asked, “what’s detention?”
          Grace pulled her pants and underwear down and spread her cheeks. “That hole right there Maddie. Do you want a sneak peek?” She grabbed Maddie and shoved her face against her butthole. “Smells good doesn’t it? Let’s just say failure to do a duty will result in a night stay sleeping up my ass.”
Maddie was crying again. She looked at you in complete dispair.
          “Well, you two gonna do what I said or do I need to already put one of you in detention?” Maddie went down to her feet and started rubbing them while you climbed Grace’s now bare chest and started jumping on her boobs. Grace said there and moaned and told us how good we were doing. Then she grabbed you. She grabbed a rubberband and put you around a dildo she had. Then you were shoved in an out of her wet pussy. Every time you came out you could see Maddie staring at you. Then it stopped.
          “Maddie... why. The. FUCK DID YOU STOP RUBBING MY FEET!” Grace yelled. Before Maddie could make a case Grace grabbed her and shoved her feet into her ass. The Grace spit on Maddie and lubed her up. She then pushed Maddie in all the way to her armpits.
          “Liam, you are going to watch her disappear. I guess someone had to set an example for what can happen when you disobey.”
          Maddie started crying, “Liam, please help me! Please, I don’t want to go in here.” Grace flexed her sphincter muscles and you watched as Maddie’s arms went above her head and she was shoulders deep into her ass. You knew her head was next. “Liam, please it smells, help me.” You knew you couldn’t do anything, and with that you watched Maddie’s head get sucked in. Her hands and arms were flailing and trying to grab whatever they could. It was like watching a garter snake eat. Pretty soon there was nothing but Grace’s pink asshole.
          “Now, where were we!” Grace said. She grabbed you and into Grace’s pussy you went. Every time you went in you could feel Maddie’s body through Grace’s vagina wall. The worst part was you could hear her screaming. Once Grace was done with you. She went to bed and put you inside of an empty fish bowl.
          The next morning, you woke up to the sound of Maddie being dropped into the bowl. “Thanks for the good night pleasures guys. But I need to go to work. See you guys tonight.”
          You ran over to Maddie, she smelt awful. Maddie was in shock. She wasn’t crying, she wasn’t mad. She was completely emotionless. “Next time... kill me,” she said.
          “There won’t be a next time Maddie. We will escape. We will find a way out while she is at work,” you reply.
          “With what Liam! We are in a literal empty fish bowl. What can we use. It would be like being surrounded by a 4 story glass building.”
          You honestly didn’t have a plan. “What if tonight I distract her and you go and hide. Grace seems to be nicer to me so if you escape you can go find help, then come back to get me when you turn normal.”
          “I am not leaving here without you Liam,” Maddie said.
          “I can’t watch her do those things to you Maddie. It hurts me. I wanted to save you last night so bad but couldn’t.” For the rest of they day you and Maddie came up with a plan. It had to work.
          At about 5 Grace got home and went into the bathroom. When she came out she dumped you and Maddie on the table.
          “Hey guys, how was your day?”
          “Boring. You?”
          “Sammmme. Some guy at work was a complete asshole to me and I thought to myself if you were 2 inches I’d so take you home do bad things to you. Not gonna lie I’m really starting to like this whole being bigger thing. It’s fun. Anyways, I have some things planned for tonight so let’s get to it. First, I’ll make dinner, then we can play a game, and then end it with some pleasure time again. Maddie, I really hope you learned your lesson last night, but incase you didn’t, I just took a shit and your bed is all cleaned out for you.”
          “Okay, well let’s get started shall we,” you say. Grace tosses you and Maddie into a smaller cup and brings you to the counter in the kitchen.
          “So I hope you two are okay with chicken. I know it’s boring, but I’m on a diet to try and build more muscle. Trying to tone myself before summer.”
          After about an hour you all finished dinner and now it was time for Grace’s game. “So are you guys excited to play a game.”
          “What’s the game?” you and Maddie say simultaneously.
          “I’m sure you’ve heard of it. It’s called what are the odds.” Instantly you went into fear mode. She could call anything and there would always be a chance for it to happen. “So here is how we are going to play. There will be 5 rounds. You can choose the odds on the 5 rounds, but you only get one 100 chance, 50 chance, 25 chance, 15 Chance and 10 chance. We will all go but you two will be a pair when asking me questions,” Grace explained.
          “You and Maddie go first,” grace said.
          You and Maddie thought and said, “what are the odds you let us both go?”
          “I kinda figured that’d be your first question. Well, 1 and 100. 1...2...3... 98.” Maddie had said 26.
          “My turn. What are the odds that Liam picks the shit off of my asshole?”
          You didn’t care if you had to do that. You were thinking strategically trying to get one of you guys out of here. “1 and 10. 1...2...3... 7.” Grace said 6.
          Grace giggle, “Damnit, thought I had you. Your turn.”
          Maddie spoke up, “What are the odds you let one of us go?” You didn’t want Maddie to ask that yet waiting for some better odds but it was too late.
          Grace smiled and responded, “1 and 50. 1...2...3... 10.” You had said 32.
          “Myyyy turn... what are the odds that Maddie sits in that cup while I fart?”
          Grace was in Maddie’s head. Maddie shouted out of fear, “1 and 100. 1...2...3... 92.” Grace said 5. Grace was smiling knowing she was getting better odds.
          “What are the odds that you change the length of dentention from a night, to 1 hour?”
          “You guys are no fun,” she joked, “ 1 and 10. 1...2...3... 3.” Maddie had said 3 as well. “Dang, well Maddie I guess if you disobey you won’t get an hour in there,” Grace said while laughing like they were all friends.
          “My turn again, what are the odds that Liam runs around on the table and if my lips happen to get him, I eat him?”
          Maddie freaked out again, “1 and 50. 1...2...3... 47.” Grace said 38.
          “What are the odds we end this game now,” you say.
          “Intresting question. 1 and 25. 1...2...3...16.” Maddie said 17. “That was close Maddie, that was very close,” Grace said.
          “You guys still have two more to go. A 25 and a 15,” Grace pointed out, “what are the odds that Liam pushes Maddie down my throat?”
          Maddie gulped, “1and 25.” Gracie grabbed Maddie and put her against her belly. You could here it gurgling from where you were, it had to have been really loud where Maddie was. “1...2...3... 22,” you say. Grace said 9.
          “One round left. We both have round 15 left. You guys go,” Grace said.
          I spoke up, “What are the odds you give us a fair chance to escape.”
          “1 and 15. 1...2...3...14.” Maddie said 12. “Well, I guess it’s my turn. What are the odds I eat you both?”
          Maddie was going, “1 and 15. 1...2...3... 7.” Grace had said 7. Her eyes looked as if they had filled with black. Maddie’s eyes filled with tears, no please. Grace lifted them up. “Who first, Maddie, I choose you. So hears the deal, I’m going to set you right here, and if you are still holding on by the time my mouth closes then you will just have your hands chopped off before slipping down to my belly.” Grace’s head was tilt back, her mouth open wide. Maddie was dangling holding on to Grace’s two front teeth. Her mouth slowly started to close. At the last second Maddie let go and fell down. You watched as a bulge went down Grace’s throat. She patted her belly then looked at you. “Ready Liam? I never thought you and your girlfriend would die in my digestive system. Like you two are going to become my shit. Like I wonder what you two will look like by the end.” With that statement she lifted you up and simply dropped you in. You landed at the back of her mouth. It was still open, and you could see down her throat as it turned to blackness. She tipped her head back and down you went. You got into her stomach where you could hear Maddie crying.
          “Liam. What’s going to happen to us? Liam my body is tingling.” You held her as you digested together.
          “Are we going to turn into her shit?”
          You knew what was going to happen. It was just waiting to pass through where you two would be combined into one turd. And that’s what happened. The next morning Grace sat on her toilet and let you and Maddie out. Grace didn’t think twice about it and went on with her life. Just waiting for another tiny to show up in her life.

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