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Rated: E · Short Story · Romance/Love · #2174005
Something happened.
' I am not a very good man and I am not handsom, why do you love me, and what do you love me?" , I asked, looking earnestly into her warmful and beautiful eyes. Hearing my words, Snow White looks at me with her big and almondshape eyes, and says, 'I have been waiting for your appearance for so long. I have met many men before, some are handsom, some rich and some brillant, but I've never found the familiarity and the sense of my belongingness in them. I know they are pretty good guys, in the eyes of many, they are good choices as mate, but I feel the distance between them and me. It makes me feel longly and my soul anchorless. Until the day I saw you. On that day, I just finished my work, and stood beside the window of the second floow and looked at the people coming and going in the street. I was surveying the faces of the people for quite a while, and then asked where are you, my other half. Then, in the crowds, I see your face so special,and stared at you as you came from far to near. I said myself, just him, and my heart was exulted. Then, you stoped, and saw up at me in the street. You gazed at me, and I gazed at you. All the world disappeared. I have seen the most gentle eyes in the world, they are melting the my loneliness and filled my heart and sould with sweetness and hotness. Don't know remember, you looked at me for one minute, and then moved your eyes from me, and your face looks forlorn. I said hi to you, and gestured to you to wait me there. Then, I stepped down the house and we embraced.' ' Yes, I have never seen so different and beautiful a girl just like you before, and when I saw you I was totally attracted to your face. At that moment, I seemed to have seen the end of the world. I did not want to move my eyes from you, and did not want to take any step. You are so special and familiar, and it seemed that I have known you long. I moved my eyes from you because you are so beautiful, and I thought it was not right to look at a girl for so long a time. I stood there and did not want to walk away. At that moment, I hoped that I have seen something unreal, and then stood there forever until you disappear in my sight, and then I got the reason to continue my walk again. Then, you motioned to let me wait, and see you down the house, and see your face coming near to me, and feel your embrace to me. So warm, and so gentle, and I held you tightly to me, fearing that losing you again. Yes, I love you.' Then, I look at her eyes, her white and round face, and her black hair draping over her shoulder. Her hair are so thick and black, thrusting out her neat and dense hair follicles, and forming a miraculous black waterfall. Her lovely lips close slightly. I held her face close to me, and pressed my lips on hers. Her lips are wet, and smooth, and her breath warm. Yes, the kiss tastes sweet, and intoxicating. 'I love you.' ' I love you, too.'

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