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Letting go.
A candle burning at both ends shining bright but short lived I must let you go before the ends meet in the middle such a wicked temptation holding on to what i feel like is dead and withering since I've known you I've only wanted your happiness saddens me that for you to have it I must ignore my feelings of adoration one day I know I'll look back and feel lucky for the short time fate afforded me with you but today my faith is broken I don't know if my heart will ever fully recover how I long for the conclusion to be different than what has come to pass but I look around and always notice you're not I know things are the way they're meant to be seems things always work out in ways to my disliking who am I to question I suppose I'm but a humble soul on the road to hell whatever the future has in store for you I hope your days are long and filled with harmony time is the only thing I can count on to bring you back to my reality this life deemed we stay separated in the next one I'll find you and try again my love for you will not die at the end of the one I'm living I know you find things such as the feelings I bare strange but the truth is always what I've told you I promised myself you'd be the one I would never lie to even though I lie to everyone else it's the one promise I aim to keep none are older than it surving the genecide of past promises goodbye sweet raven I love the person you are don't let life change you in similar ways to myself
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