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Pets that are adopted, are adopted for better or worse and for their entire lives!
If you adopt me, you adopt me for life.
From my birth as a kitten or an older cat,
until my death. This is the pledge you are
making to me by adopting me.

There is no half-way.
If you can not make that
commitment, please do not adopt me!
There are many others who can.

For though I am not human, I am still a sentient being.
I do and feel all the emotions a human does;
Of love, happiness, contentment, sadness,
depression, anxiety, anger and abandonment.

If you need to move, I must go with you.
There is no other choice because “YOU”
made this lifetime commitment when you
adopted me. Will you abandon me now?

Do you not love me anymore
or have you ever? For I have
shown you unconditional love
and friendship. Will you still abandon me?

If you do, I will wonder if you
ever did love me and will have
a fear I’ve never known, overcome me.
I will become withdrawn and depressed.

Saddened that you do not wish
me anymore, dying of a broken heart.
You have done what I’d thought
you would never do, abandon me.

I plead with any who think we are
throwaways or temporary, that when
you think the cuteness wears off or it’s
inconvenient to keep me, that you will abandon me.

Remember, this is a lifetime
commitment you pledged to me.
We have bonded with you, we have
loved you and thought you loved us as well.

You have now abandoned me.
As the pledge you
made to me as a feline,
rings so hollow....


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