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A man who stands against destruction
Standing alone in the garden of eden.Hearing the beat of the war drums carrying it's death song from the far cold distance.Thinking it's dreaded grasp will never reach me here but peace never lasts and I know my own will end like everyone elses.Why is it not everlasting?Is it because I have no one to share the beauty of this wondrous realm with or are things simply the way they're supposed to be?Why am I here?Whats the point if no one's here?Perhaps I'll give into the hypnotic chaos the drums herald.After all am I not one with the chaos.Fooling myself all along;believing I deserve this joyous place.It's time I stop pretending then it dawns on me.I'm alone here because I was meant to see it's possiblities nothing more or less.Seen by my eyes to relay my true purpose.Meant to see there's something still worth saving.If not myself then this place providing serenity.Something for the pure of heart which mine is not.Though this is an age where fire is fought with fire and fire I know all too well.Maybe I'll know true peace in the end.When the wicked remain at rest and the innocent can flourish.Darkness is coming but is it equal to my own?I will surely find out shortly.What's this I feel rushing through me?Ah that's right it's called pride.Been so long I almost forgot.Finally something worth sacraficing for.The drums draw ever closer spreading their infection.It must not come this far if hope is to survive.Enough contemplating.Time to use what I know best.Maker greet me with open arms should I fall on this last stand I make.
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