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Ace decided to take an walk to see a strange cave, and again will we see him survive?
Sword Quest Chapter 2: The Goblin's Caves Part 1

''Where am I? Who am I? What is this? A twig...? A tree.......?''
''AH! Ah. What happened? Oh im in my bed... It was just a nightmare. Calm down, don't feel guilty Ace.. He tried to attack you, hmmm.. Maybe I can calm myself down somehow.. Got it! Maybe a nice walk could be nice.'' So then I jumped out of my bed and changed quickly. I soon then put on my shoes and before I left, I realized my sword was still in my room. I thought ''maybe i could take it? You know what, nevermind it's gonna make more nervous.'' So i left without it. Soon i found myself in the same forest as before, ''I didn't realize this forest looked really nice with these flowers everywhere. I gotta say this is some nice forest.'' Then I stopped for a second... I saw an cave? ''Weird.. Why would there be an cave outside here? I didn't bother going to it, but then i realized.. Caves have an high chance of having good loot.. So, why don't we go explore! I soon saw that the cave was filled with lanterns and torches. ''Kinda fancy. You could say that.'' But then I saw gold on somewhat type of rails. ''Woah, gold!'' I quickly rushed to get it. ''Hmmm, though why would someone leave gold lonely out here?'' I thought. But i really didn't care, I just took it and searched deeper. ''Woah another pile of gold!'' But then i kinda realized, why would someone actually leave all this gold...? Not to mention there were alot of them.

Soon I kinda got suspicious and then checked the gold more closely. '' Yeah this is real gold. Its not fake at all.'' I thought. So then I just thought about it. ''Wait a minute. Is someone baiting me?'' I was worried. Then i thought ''This gold might got stolen by someone, but who?'' I really started to think. ''Goblins?'' I made a guess. And then I realized, ''It has to be them.'' But before i thought even more, I heard footsteps. ''What the? I mean hiding place?'' I soon saw an mine cart and got in it quickly. The footsteps were getting louder and closer as i heard. I tried to keep my mouth shut tight. ''Who stole our gold?'' Wait... That mostly sounds like an goblin, I thought. I realized i had the gold, ''Hmm, what should I do? This goblin will soon find me in this mine cart!'' I thought. Then for some reason there was an door in the mine cart.. ''What is this? an trap door?'' Maybe it was, but i needed to focus, then i opened the trap door quietly... ''AHHHHH!'' As i screamed sliding down to my doom. ''Did someone just scream? Ah it's nothing i think.''

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