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Basically a short story about two siblings who fought, just to never show up again.
The Two Siblings

''Mommy! Brother is hitting my toy!'' Said the little girl. "Sweetie don't worry i'll show him not to mess with you.'' Said the Mother. ''Kevin don't hit your sister's toy ever again! Go to your room now!'' Shouted the Mother. The little girl was pushing her side of the face hard against the door to hear the talk. ''Mom! It's not fair she hit me!'' Said the young boy. Soon the Mother opened the door and said to the little girl. ''Sarah did you hit Kevin?'' She said. ''Well... he hit my toy first!'' Said the little girl. ''Sweetie it's not nice to hit others for nonsense!'' Said the Mother. ''You both never stop fighting as well! I wish both of you would just stop fighting!'' Said the Mother angrily. They both heard that and soon, somehow, some way, they dissappeard after that mysterious night.

People thought it was the guilt they felt, so they left and never showed up again because of that.

But I thought they were somewhere where they couldn't be found, somewhere right H-E-R-E all along....
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