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The story that explains Ace's childhood. As well to show what happened in the past.
Sword Quest: Chapter Originals

''Hey stop!'' Said Ace, ''Why, because it's your best friend?'' Says the bully. ''Well.. Yeah!'' Said Ace. ''Well here you go!'' Said the bully, as he threw the toy koala into the icy lake. ''No! Mr. Koala!'' Said Ace while crying. The bully pushed him into the snowy ground and made fun of him. Soon he left and Ace was left there all alone.. ''Why are they so mean!'' Said Ace poorly. Soon Ace's mom realized what happened and ran to poor Ace, ''Sweetie you alright? Who did this?'' Said the mum, ''It was the bullys, mom! And Mr. Koala was thrown by them into the lake!'' Said Ace while still crying desperatly. ''Dont worry Ace i'll get Mr. Koala right now!'' Said the generous mum. ''Thanks mum!'' Said Ace while feeling better. Ace's mum ran to the lake and the grabbed Mr. Koala... The ice broke. She fell and froze. Ace was never the same again... While his father needed to be at work all the time. Ace felt angry. ''Payback, Payback, Payback!'' He thought, ''They were the fault, they were the fault!'' Ace then grabbed his wooden sword his mom bought. ''They will pay.'' Ace then went outside an gone into the neighbourhood where the bullys where hanging out. ''Oh look! Its the crying koala wannabe!'' They said. Ace hid his sword behind his back and then pulled it out. ''Oh you wanna do it? Face it, your bad at swordfighting!'' They said. Ace ran to them and hit the leader hard with the wooden sword. "Ouch! Stop! Help! Hes hurting me!'' Ace didn't stop, the other two ran away like cowards. ''Please! Stop! Ow!'' Ace still hit him until the bully's mom came outside, ''Stop it you crazy child! Get away from my son! You freak!'' After Ace heard those words he stopped and ran home crying badly, but he felt shameful.
''Was this the right thing to do?'' Asked Ace to himself.. ''What would mom think of me? A freak? A psycho?'' All those thoughts went into Ace's mind.. But then he heard something outside.. ''A magic show?'' Looked out Ace, ''Wait that's not it... ITS A PORTAL!'' The portal sucked everything in even Ace. He then felt like he was back safe on the ground, but what he saw wasn't the same.. Wild boars everywhere, moving trees, castles? Was he in fantasy world? Who knew but he wondered if his dad was safe.. Everyone was confused and scared when they were in this new type of world. No one knew what it was.. But they knew it would open new type of possibilities.

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