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by Norman
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Is that the way that I will go?
I’ve never seen a sadder sight
than what I saw today.
A hearse was slowly driving by;
someone had passed away.

I know that it’s a common scene;
you see it all the time.
Yeah, people up and die each day,
some even in their prime.

But the saddest thing about this one,
that hearse that moved so slow?
That lonely car that trailed behind.
That made me feel so low.

Is that the full extent of it?
There’s no one else to mourn?
I never in my life have seen
a sight that’s so forlorn.

Did no one love this lonely soul?
No family and no friends?
There’s only but just one or two
to see him to his end?

Is that the way that I will go,
will no one say goodbye?
No one to say they’ll miss me so?
Would no one even cry?

I couldn’t let it go like this;
I drove right up behind.
I’d add my car to make it two.
Sometimes I can be kind.

I must admit I was surprised;
it really startled to me;
when we stopped at a traffic light,
it was empty, I could see.

It wasn’t what I thought at all,
but just an empty van.
No one was lying inside there,
not woman, child nor man.

Well when it comes my time to die,
don’t mourn me for my sake.
Don’t plan on any funeral mass,
memorial or wake.

No, I don’t want a limousine,
or fancy oaken bed.
I won’t need any satin box,
when, man, you know I’m dead.

Just put my ashes in a jar
and store it on a shelf.
Then set my photo next to it
where I can see myself.

And then you won’t forget me, dear.
You’ll know just where I lie.
And maybe you will miss me too
and some days you may cry.

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