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A form of death takes you on a journey throughout her world.
Death was on her way back to the place where she resided in between Heaven and Hell. All she wanted to do was sit down and have a break. Taking lives all day was enough to drive her crazy and she was glad to be done for the day.

As her shimmering blue, outlined Form turned into a blue bolt of light heading home, she saw her fellow Forms of death on their way to do their jobs. Their different colors of light that shot past her were beautiful, but the jobs they were about to do were not. She was not a fan of what she did, but it was expected of her by the council that ruled all Forms.

Each Form was shaped like a male or female and they had different colored outlined lights that surrounded them. As beautiful as they were, one would never imagine how dangerous they were to the human family.

Death was known in her community as T-1/F-2 (Tier 1/Form2); and she resided on the first tier of the residence, and she was the second Form of that tier.

The area that she lived in was a place that had miles of space, and never ending tiers. It was a dull, dimly lit place that resembled medieval dungeons but it served its purpose. Each Form had space on the tier and T-1/F-2 was grateful for it. She was not one to mingle so privacy was a blessing to her.

Death’s world had a council that was made up of ten male Forms and ten female Forms. They made all of the decisions regarding the community, kept track of the many Forms, and had very strict rules. Every ten years or so, the Forms voted on a new council to make sure others got a chance to rule.

When T-1/F-2 reached her residence, she was summoned to meet with the council in their chambers. She found herself becoming a little uneasy because when a Form was summoned to council’s chambers, it was never good.

As she flew into the council chambers, she closed the huge, metal doors behind her.

The lead council’s glimmering light illuminated the area which meant he was not happy. When a Form’s light shone to its brightest peak, it usually meant that the Form was bothered by something.

As T-1/F-2 hovered in the air opposite the council, the lead council Form spoke. His light was a blinding bright orange and he moved back and forth as though he were pacing across the room.

“It has come to our attention that you are spending too much time with your victims. There is no time for comfort and idle conversation T-1/F-2. It’s easier to just get in, get out, and move on to the next one. Now if this is a problem for you, we can remove you from active duty and keep you here all day!”

“No sir, that won’t be necessary. I will spend less time talking with the victims. I just thought it would be easier for them if I brought comfort as part of the transition.”

“It is not your job to comfort them. You are there to complete a task and leave. Now we will be watching you and if we see one more incident, we will remove you immediately!”

T-1/F-2 bowed slightly, opened the huge metal doors, and left. She was furious with the lead council because he was heartless but she knew he was right. Even though it was quicker, it would not be easier for her to get in and out.

“I can see that she’s going to be a problem,” said the lead council Form.
“Maybe she understood and plans to follow the rules sir,” said a female Form.

“I want her closely watched and if she doesn’t follow the rules pull her immediately,” said the lead council.

The female council Form, who spoke earlier, sensed that the lead council had ill feelings toward T-1/F-2. She didn’t know why the council showed resentment toward the Form, but she intended to find out.

As T-1/F-2 hovered in her living space, she went over her itinerary for the next day and sighed.

There was a child on her list and it made her sad. Children were always the hardest for her but she shook it off and started reading the Form handbook that all Forms were required to study.

The next night T-1/F-2 changed her form into a bolt of blue light and streaked toward Earth. A lot of her fellow Forms followed suit and lit up the sky with their brilliant colors of light, heading to work.

T-1/F-2's first stop was in a rural area of Virginia. She picked up speed as she zeroed in on her victim's home, then landed safely in his yard.

As she hovered a few feet off of the ground, she looked around and noticed a middle aged man hiding behind the shed toward the back of the yard. He must have seen her coming and didn’t have time to run into the house.

She asked the man to please come out from behind the structure but he refused. As she moved closer to him the man began to run toward the house but she blocked him. She gestured for the man to sit down on the lawn chair and he obliged.

The man’s name was Jared Roman and he was very afraid. The look of horror that came across his face was enough to make the Form afraid.
His long drawn face was pale, his eyes were wide with fear, and his full lips quivered so much that it made the hairs on his face stand up. He was a tall middle aged man with curly brown hair and a very slight build. T-1/F-2 could tell that at one time in his life, he was handsome but disease had taken over his body.

T-1/F-2 stood in front of her victim for a minute then spoke softly.
She asked, “What is your name sir?”

The man said in a shaky voice, “My name is Jared Roman. May I ask, what is your business here?

The Form faced Jared and said, “Unfortunately, I’ve come to take you away sir. You were warned a few years back to stop smoking cigarettes because it was harmful but you did not listen. Now, because you ignored your doctors, your body is riddled with disease. I am here to end life as you know it here on Earth.”

Jared Roman looked at the Form, screamed loudly, and then started to whimper softly. He then stood up and screamed, “You can’t do this! I have things to do and I’m not ready to go yet!”

“You should’ve thought about that before you continued to smoke cigarettes sir. You were given a choice and you picked the wrong one so here we are. I am Death and my job is to take your life tonight. I’m sorry that you are not done with life but there are no other choices here.”

Jared Roman stared at the T-1/F-2 and tried to run, but she blocked him again. This time she held his hand and he fell back into the lawn chair. He felt himself slipping away as the Form comforted him into a never ending sleep.

As she laid him all the way back on the lawn chair, she saw what looked like a human figure standing in the doorway of Jared’s home. It looked like a really big male human but as she looked closer, she saw that familiar colorful outline that surrounded the figure’s body.

When she realized exactly who and what was in the doorway, she went into stealth mode and got the hell away from there.

The lead council screamed with anger as T-1/F-2 disappeared in the night. He wanted the pleasure of snatching her up and using her as an example of what not to do on duty. She disobeyed his orders on idle chat and comfort so she needed to be punished.

As the lead council got ready to go back to the residence, he noticed a female Form of the council standing behind him.

She asked, “What may I ask are you doing here sir?”

The lead council replied, “This is none of your affair so I suggest you get back to the residence.”

“Oh but it is my affair sir. Whenever a Form is being harassed or mistreated, it is very much my affair!” said the female Form.

The lead council Form tried to leave but the female Form blocked his path, shone her light to its brightest, and demanded answers.

To be continued…..

Word count = 1,449

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