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Fighting T4Terminal cancer.

July 7, 2008 at VA Tampa Fl
It was sometime in the middle of May 2008 I was about a month away from being laid off of my temporary position on the second shift construction crew at the VA in Tampa.
I was sitting in my car eating my lunch before work and talking to my estranged wife on the phone as I normally did to get update on the antics of my 3 year old son when I choked on the Chicken Wrap I was eating. Never having over come wolfing down my food like I had learned in the army I figured I hadn't chewed well enough so I took my time and tried swallowing the food again. It came back up. I knew something was wrong so on my way into our work I stopped by my Doctors office and she set me up for a scope of my throat.
I got laid off on June 26 and on the 7th of July I had my scope. They found a very large tumor almost blocking my throat.
A few weeks later I had my first oncology appointment where the Oncologist told me I had a 40% chance to live another year and they were not going to try to heal me just make me comfortable while I die. Fired that bitch on the spot and went up to oncology to get a really oncologist. The first thing I told him was "Don't tell me I'm going to die because that's not an option. I have a 3 year old son who I plan to see graduate college. He was cool and we got to work.
Over the next three months I went through extensive radiation and chemo therapy. Finally in November they did an esophengectomy on me. This is where they remove the esophagus and stretch your stomach up through your chest to make a new esophagus.
Five day later (I hadn't even got out of OIC) they rushed me back into the OR at 6:30 on Friday night and removed the half of my stomach leaving me with no esophagus just a hole at my Adams apple and two feeding tube in the remaining half of stomach.
I live like that for almost a year and when they deemed me in remission they sent me across the street to the Moffet Cancer Center where Dr Richard Karl reconstructed my esophagus using part of my colon. (DR. Karl was a MASH surgeon in Vietnam) Great surgeon. I can now talk shit legally.
The Surgery was a success and my first meal in over a year was Thanksgiving 2009. There wasn't a more thankful man on the whole planet that day. That was the best meal I have ever had. Thank you Dr Karl and to my mother-in-law who cook the meal.
In May of 2013 Moffet declared me officially cured of cancer. Cancer can be beat never give up just cause they say your gonna' die. I learned a lot about cancer and one thing is they have a cure but won't let anyone know because they can't make any money from it. I did a lot of juicing from fresh fruits that were high with antioxidents I prayed and asked everyone I knew or came in contact with to pray for me. Thanks to the internet I had prayer chains all over the world in my corner. If the people I asked didn't believe in God I asked them to meditate and send positive vibs to me.
I also meditated on cancer cells leaving my body and being deposited in an area in the nature preserve behind my house where there was a retention pond. I later avoided that part of the park. You must remain positive and avoid negative people at all costs they will bring you down in a New York second. Keep yourself busy as not to think about it. I wrote a book of short stories for bikers. DO NOT eat any sugar. Cancer cells thrive on sugar. Use stevia for a substitute. If you'd like to talk about your cure of cancer my email is: radrick6913@yahoo.com Write Cancer Help in Subject box so I don't think it's spam. You can beat cancer . If I did it anyone can. God Bless my friends, family and my brothers of The Vietnam/Legacy Vets Motorcycle Club for helping me through this ordea
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