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Harry gets in a car accident and is fighting for his life in the hospital.

I was sitting on the couch, watching TV, waiting for Harry to come home from work. The news reporter was talking about politics when suddenly the writing "Breaking news!" appeared on the screen. My eyes widened when a video appeared on the screen. The news reporter started talking. "There has been a car crash on the intersection between Palmsprings boulevard and Western boulevard. As told by bypassers, a black Range Rover was crossing the intersection, when a BMW jeep came from Palmsprings boulevard and crashed right into the left side of the black Range Rover." I gasped. Harry has a black Range Rover. "No....it can't be...." I muttered. As soon as the words left my lips, my phone ringed. I picked up my phone and answered the call. "Hello? Is this Y/N Styles?" the womanly voice asked. "Yes, it's Y/N." I said, my body shaking. "Your husband, Harry Styles is being taken to the hospital in critical condition. Would you be able to come down to St. William's hospital?" I took a deep breath. "Of course." The woman answered immediately. "Ok." Then she hung up. I quickly turned off the TV and rushed upstairs, changing into appropriate clothes and rushed back downstairs. I grabbed my wallet, phone and car keys and walked outside, locking the door and getting into my car, driving down to the hospital.

At the hospital.....

I more than sprinted into the hospital, stopping at the receptionist. "Hello, I'm here to see Harry Styles." She looked at me and asked "Who would you be to him?" I took a deep breath. "I'm his wife, Y/N Styles." She checked her computer. "He's in surgery right now. You can wait there." She said, pointing to the waiting room. I walked over and sat down, worried and anxious.

Few hours later.....

Few hours had passed, when a doctor came out of a room. "Are you here for Harry Styles?" he asked me. I nodded my head, not trusting my voice right now. "The surgery was a success, but he's still in critical condition. If you want, I can take you to see him." the doctor offered. "Ok." I said, standing up and following the doctor. He stopped at room 502. "He's in there. He's asleep right now. If anything, shout or press the red button on the wall by his head." the doctor said and walked away. I entered the room and closed the door behind me. There he was laying, attached to many tubes. I sat down on a chair next to his bed and took his hand in mine. "Hi Harry...It's me, Y/N." my voice cracked as tears gathered in my eyes. "I love you..." I whispered, kissing his forehead.
And that's how time passed by, me talking to Harry and crying.

Another few hours later.....

I was sitting there, my head resting on his arm, when I noticed his finger move. I turned to look at his face, but his eyes were closed. I rested my head on his arm again, thinking it was my imagination. "Y/N......" someone muttered. I looked up to see Harry's eyes slowly opening. "Doctor!" I shouted. The doctor and couple nurses rushed in and upon seeing Harry awake, their eyes widened. "Hello, Harry. How are you feeling?" the doctor asked Harry, looking at him. "I've seen better days...." Harry muttered, his voice hoarse. The nurses rushed around, checking all the monitors and fluids. "Ok. He needs to stay for a few days, just so we can monitor him." The doctor said. "Ok." I said, smiling. After the nurses and the doctor left, me and Harry talked for a while until we both fell asleep.

A few days later he was finally discharged from the hospital. I took him home and after a few months, he was back to the Harry he was before.

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