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The profile about me is a bit short cause you are always cramped for space. Enjoy!
P.R Eisley

I grew up in a small town outside of Athens, Ga. If you are not familiar with Georgia, USA, it is a college town known for UGA (University of Georgia) Bulldogs. We were a family of 5. My two parents, two brothers and myself. I was the youngest and got left out of a lot of family activities as I was seven years younger than the oldest sibling. Small town schools, everyone pretty much knew everything that went on. So when the cops were called Miss Betty was already spreading who, how, and why.

Growing up I really got into being active. After school I was either at the ranch riding or taking care of the horses, at dance, gymnastics, or ice skating lessons, or at my brothers practice of Baseball, football, or soccer. In high school I got my first job at 16. I worked at the local Gamestop. Being the only girl in a male dominated area, had its perks. I got a lot of attention and made a lot of sales. It was only a holiday gig, so November to February. My first real job at 17 was a file clerk for a small town lumber company. Started out going to work after school and filing the days records. As I got better at the filing system and cleaned up their file room, they were happy to teach me other things around the company. Before I left I started typing ticket orders for companies like Ryland, Lennar, and Beazer.

I was known as a social butterfly. I would talk to populars, jocks, nerds, outcasts and all sorts of groups and it looked like I fit in, in each group. I was a closet nerd at first, but I came around to accepting it as I became the LARP kid. Larp is known for Live Action Role Playing. I was introduced to it sophomore year in high school during band camp for Character day. I wore horns, form the Renaissance Faire, and wings, made by hand. I became a storyteller for the game and that was where I learned my love of writing. English class I always excelled in along with Science.

After high school I went off to college still with my love of the costume design and storytelling. I went to a smaller college, Southern Polytechnic in Marietta, moved half way across the state to fall in my middle brothers footsteps.I was always living in his shadow and always trying to one- up him, even though he had a good 5 years on me. I was working full time, going to school and in a Sorority. Trying to make it all work. Started failing classes, got kicked out of the sorority, and finally I just left school and continued working non-stop. By this time I was at a new full-time job making about $30k salary and I thought I was finally making it.But things fell through in life, relationships, money and time needed for personal growth. I quit writing and doing the things I loved for a few years and noticed I was not being fulfilled.

I came back to writing and I have so many untold stories I want to share. But I wanted to share my real story first before I begin telling the stories of the characters that were made to go with situations that have come to past.

My dream is to become a house hold name like JK Rowling, Kim Harrison, Sherrilyn Kenyon and many more before them. I hope you enjoy my stories and let me know what needs to be fixed and critiqued so I may one day be good enjoy to start making money on books published.

Thank you,
P.R Eisley
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