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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2179897
Dreamhunter has to trust others as she finds out their true meaning-and her true feelings
Chapter One-Scroll

Dreamhunter sighed. She toyed with the necklace her mother had given her. Her mother, Pathseer, who had entered the war as a messenger has still not returned from it even though that was finished a week ago. Dream still hoped that her mother would come back any day, alive and well. Meanwhile, her father, Inkspill, had caught the strange illness that many other tribe mates had which only affected males. Those with the illness would become dizzy, then start throwing up, then a variety of symptoms such as coughing up blood or having hallucinations. As she sat by her father’s bed, she silently wondered if the IceWings were to blame. Even though there was a peace treaty between the tribe queens, there could be a shady animous defying the IceWing queen.

Suddenly, a dragon who Dream had never seen before burst into the room. The dragon, seemingly unaware of Dream’s surprise and anger, spoke loudly enough to wake up her father. He looked at something in his claws and read aloud: This scroll contains all the information needed to find your mother and cure your tribe. Meet at the dragon statue. This scroll is to be delivered to Dreamhunter.

The scroll was promptly shoved in Dream’s direction before she could utter a word, and the mysterious dragon whisked around and left. Dreamhunter’s talons left her necklace and reached out to the scroll. When she touched it, it sent a shock up her spine that felt like she’d been electrocuted. She curled into a ball and passed out.

When Dream awoke, the scroll was still in front of her. She tentatively poked it and nothing happened. When she picked it up, it hummed with an energy that both intrigued her and made her want to put it down at the same time. She turned it toward her and started reading it. However, what it said then was very different from what the dragon had told her. No order, shape, or form was anything like what the dragon had said. In fact, it said “I enchant Dreamhunter to become an animus as soon as she touches this scroll. I also enchant her to know what the messenger has told her.”

Dream did know indeed. In fact, there was so much new information in her mind it was crowding out everything. She thought, is this what mind reading is like?However, one thing stood out: enchant Dreamhunter to be an animus. If it was true, she could get rid of this headache.

Dream looked around her, wondering if there was anything she could enchant to get rid of her headache. However, just thinking about it made it worse, so she scrambled to reach anything to enchant.

Realizing there was nothing around her that she could use practically, her talons went to her necklace-like they normally did when she was stressed-and she knew that was her only choice. Quickly thinking of a protective spell, Dream quickly said “I enchant this necklace to get rid of the wearer’s pain, whether physical or mental. It will also protect the wearer,” she added as a last thought, “against any threat.” When it was done, she felt her head feel much better without crazy thoughts giving her a migraine. She hoped that her soul hadn’t vanished too much, but then Dream thought this is only my first enchantment. I’ll be fine! However, she did feel a little colder.

Without a headache ailing her, Dream could easily start looking through the new information she knew. The only way to get her mother back was to gather a dragon from each tribe, but there was a catch-they all had to be born on the same day as her. Also, to cure the tribe, there was just a simple poem: Once your mother reveals herself true, you must find your feelings too. A difficult decision, what do you think? But then the cure for your tribe will be revealed to you.
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