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by Norman
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I should have made a plan

The Journey - part 1

I’m going on a journey
but I don’t know just where.
This time I’m really going.
I promise you, I swear.

Perhaps I’ll take an airplane
or a train across the land.
I should have thought about it;
I should have made a plan.

‘Cause I just can’t abide this.
I can’t take anymore.
Besides, I can’t get back in;
I know she locked the door.

I don’t know what went so wrong,
what set her off this time.
I passed out at the front door.
Is that my biggest crime?

Okay, I lost our money,
that casino down the shore,
then drove back home and drank some,
just a bottle … maybe more.

So I am not so perfect
but who of you can say
you haven’t lost a weekend
somewhere along the way?

So she threw me to the gutter
like a dog who soiled the rug,
like some vermin to get rid of:
a rodent or a bug.

So I will take this journey
but I just don’t know where.
I’m sitting at the curbside,
not going anywhere.

I don’t have any money.
She took the car keys, too.
I’ll have to beg and promise,
just like I always do.

This time she’s really angry.
I think she called the cops.
Here comes a car with lights on.
It’s rolling to a stop.

Oh boy, she has some temper.
She really is upset.
She told them I’m a vagrant.
Yeah, that would be my bet.

The cops are gentle with me.
They’re used to me by now.
They call me by my first name.
I said I’d patch this up somehow.

They ring the doorbell for me.
My wife comes to the door.
They say, “We found your husband”.
“He’s not welcome anymore.”

That really hurts my feelings.
Yes, I have feelings too.
I tell her that I’m sorry,
I’ll make it up to you.

She looks my sad face over
and has a change of heart.
She lets the cops release me.
They say that is a start.

The Journey - Part 2

Now I am on a journey.
This time I have a plan.
I’ll have to change my habits
and be a better man.

She says this is my last chance.
Next time will be for good.
You have to grab that lifeline;
this time I knew I would.

She’s taken ‘way my paycheck,
just gives me cash for fare.
She says I should stay home now
with someone who still cares.

The next time that I screw up,
the next time that I err,
she’ll send me on a journey,
far, far away from her.

She’s set out to correct me,
to change my way of life.
I’d better walk a narrow path
or I will lose my wife.

No more drinking, no more gambling,
or hanging with the guys.
She might as well just kill me.
Sometimes I want to cry.

But I’ll walk the straight and narrow.
I’ve handed in my soul.
Sometimes I feel so desperate.
I feel so very old.

They say that life’s a journey
that you must walk alone.
I should have kept on going
and never gone back home.

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