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A poem about finding a safe place in the storm (2019 Quill Award nominee)
           Thunder Cover

         Thunder growls, you stir half roused.
         Was that for real or just the house?
         A flash of light plays round the shade,
         then thunder rumbles far away.
         Coming closer or passing by?
         Uneasy in our bed you lie.

         Then lightning glares, lights up the room.
         You wait in dread. How big a boom?
         The thunder cracks, you give a start,
         you cannot still your pounding heart.
         As panic rises, fear of harm
         makes you turn and seek my arms.

         Now lightning bolts come thick and fast,
         the thunder constant in its crash.
         The slashing raindrops beat the pane,
         yet I can feel your tension drain.
         Though storm has peaked and reached its crest,
         in my embrace you find your rest.

         At last the thunder ebbs away,
         it only murmurs as it fades.
         Your heart is calm, your face at peace,
         as in my loving arms you sleep.
         My heart is full and all seems right.
         I lie awake and hold you tight.

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