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by Norman
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I wonder what he thinks each day
There’s an old man who lives near me,
I wouldn’t guess how old.
He likes to sit on his front porch
In rain and heat and cold.

He always gives a wave to me
when I am passing by.
So I give him a big wave back.
Sometimes I holler, “Hi!”

I wonder what he thinks each day
as he looks at the street.
He sees the whole town passing by;
he has a front row seat.

Does he look at a pretty girl
and think of years gone past?
When he was such a younger man
and how time flew so fast.

Does he regret some things he’s done
and think what could have been?
Now all these years have piled up,
so did he lose or win?

Does time hang like a yoke on him
as he sees it go by?
Could he have made a difference
if he had questioned, “Why?”

Maybe he dwells on past hardships,
content to be alive,
… or is he merely waiting for
the pizza to arrive?

Ummm, deep dish

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