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Wrting prompt #6, Eye connections
6. Eye Contact: Write about two people seeing each other for the first time.

There you see her, sitting across the way. (1) She is reading a book in the corner by the window of a café, coffee steaming in front of her and curled on the seat. She has a computer up, study books around and one enjoyable book she is cracking up. She laughs and she looks up making sure she is not disturbing anyone else. From the name on the cup read Mary, but you know Starbucks usually gets the names wrong. Still a mystery. Today she walked in and very timid and didn’t know where to sit. As she went through the line and people got up and came in, but as she got her coffee the window seat opened up for her and she took it.

He was sitting there almost done with his dark coffee and he felt compelled to talk to her, like there was a string connecting them, pulling them closer. He got up finished his cup and grabbed another refill. He turned and saw her staring at him. Those eyes, brilliant green emeralds, with speckles of gold. His eyes felt like she was swimming in liquid gold.

If you were there in the restaurant you would have felt the electricity exploding. You could watch them for hours if you had the time. Once they made contact there was no way of stopping that chemistry. They talked and laughed and by the end they were holding hands and it was like no one else was around them. It was so mesmerizing and envious. Hope we all find that one.

Reference #1:
"There you see her, sitting across the way." Little Mermaid- Kiss the Girl
This is the inspirational for this writing prompt.
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