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by Elliot
Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Dark · #2180581
I was reminded of an abusive relationship and decided to let my feelings out mindlessly.
There was a time when my begging was for you
For you to go harder, faster, please
For your diligent hands to play me like your guitar
For your lips to dance a passionate waltz down my neck
For your tongue to drift down and paint a beautiful picture on parts of me only you had seen
For your skilled fingers to carefully take me apart then put me back together again
But this time, you've forgotten to put me back together
Recently my begging has been for God
For him to end me faster
For his hands to tear me in two
For his lips to tell me what I already know, "it was all your fault"
For his tongue to click as he makes the decision to allow me to fall once again
For his skilled fingers to slide open, as I slip through the merciless hands of an angry God
But this time, there is no going back
Now my begging is no longer
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