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Universal mind control has set in. Stay strong. Please resist. Sign of the times.
For a day that doesn't exist

pay the price, many life times fight on. Charge it to the game, Just to cover your expens-

ive taste buds

Weeds growing through hatr-

ed/ Feed us greens on cold nights

Packaged sardines, government cheese

As I talk from heart

I could rip out my spleen.

Baby shot wielding a b.b gun

Artificial queen battle throwing coke and rum

For you learn through trauma right?

Kings being used as pawns

Oh you love drama, right

Battle yourself to there's nothing left.


Divide and conquer your quest

Hogs and chicken fat, washboards and broken necks

Mela-nated scholars driven insane

Leaving our kids in a wreck

You love drama, right?

So why don't you get it yet?
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