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Sometimes conflict comes in how, why and in what we trust God?
Patricia hesitantly entered the counselor’s office. Pastor Juan, she had learned had been counseling for over thirty years and she hoped he would be able to help. He welcomed her into the office and indicated where she should sit by gesturing with his hand.

With a gentle smile on his face, pastor Juan said, “Now, why are we here?”

Patricia appreciated that Pastor Juan did not beat around the bush, while still giving her the sense that she could take her time explaining.

“I think,” she said slowly, “that I am losing my trust in God.”

“Why do you think that is true?”

“A year ago,” she said as the tears began running down her cheeks again, “my son was killed in a car accident.”

“I see.” Said pastor Juan.

“My question is, ‘Where was God when that happened? Didn’t He care?”

Patricia noticed that the pastor considered her question for a moment as he turned and glanced at the Bible lying next to him on a small table.

“Let me ask you a question also, okay. As a believer in God yourself, ‘Where do you think God was when His own son was killed on the cross, and why didn’t He do something about it?”
Patricia had never considered the idea before.

“I guess that He was there, but because there was a purpose that others could not understand, God did nothing to stop it. Are you saying that God had a purpose for not stopping my son from dying?”

“Yes and someday when we get to heaven, we will know that purpose.”

Patricia cried a bit more, then she raised her head and said, “I still hurt, but I agree with you. God does work all things to our good.”

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