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INTRODUCTION - Captain Foxwell
Galactic Fleet Historical File:

Foxwell, Jon L.

Mid-level Biography

Rank:                                        Captain
Current Assignment: Commanding Officer, SS Stargazer
Full Name: Jon Leonidas Foxwell
Date of Birth: July 20, 2059
Place of Birth: Tecumseh, Nebraska, Earth
Ancestry: Lineage traced back to 18th century Cape Verde
Education: Galactic Fleet Academy, 2076 - 2080
Marital status: Single


Galactic Fleet Career Summary:

2080 -    First  year academy graduate with the rank of Ensign,
assigned to SS Explorer.

2085 -    Promoted to lieutenant  and transferred to SS Constellation as 
Engineering Officer, distinguished by saving the ship from an energy
fusion anomaly that left Foxwell with serious (recoverable) internal injuries.

2089 -    Promoted to Lieutenant Commander and posted to SS Centurion
as Weapon's Officer; developed a reputaion as an independent, take
charge leader during enemy engagements in space or on a Planet's surface.

2095 -    Promoted to Commander and assigned to SS Parthia as First Officer; 
took command when Captain Miles Everett was killed during the battle of
Alpha Centauri b when, without provocation, certain rogue elements of the Alpha Centauri
high command initiated an attack on the Parthia. Commander Foxwell assumed
immediate command and ordered a counterattack, destroying two of their attack fighters
in what was later recognized as an innovative counter offensive strategy.
2096 - Promoted to Captain and assigned to SS Stargazer as Commanding Officer.

Foxwell was 37 at the time of his promotion to Captain of the SS Stargazer. His career and new command are reflected in his fitness reports and the many awards and accommodations earned during his career with Galactic Fleet, culminating with assignment to the Battlecruiser, along with the dedication and loyalty of its 225 member crew. On a personal level, he enjoys the emotional and physical intimacy of a woman, but never formed a lasting relationship as a result of dedication to his career. He understands intimate friendships occasionally occur among crew members during long voyages, but Foxwell is resolute never to cross that line with any member of the Stargazer. For Foxwell personally and professionally, he believes it to be improper fraternization, detrimental to good order and discipline.

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