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by Kat
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A young woman surrendering herself while realizing she deserves better

A small town in Georgia, lived a young woman named Zoey. She was the sweetest girl in town most thought. She lived with her short haired cat named Charly. Her home was a small two-bedroom brown Cottage outside of town with beautiful Willow Trees outlining the sides of the yard. Zoey loved a well-kept home, almost as if Martha Stewart herself designed it but on a budget. She enjoyed her life, her friends and her job. She worked at home scheduling appointment for a major nursing staff company. Zoey was excellent with her job, but at times it did get lonesome being alone all day except with her cat, Charly. She maintained some relationships with her best friends from Junior High; although Zoey felt the few friends the better. This may be true because the three were connected by the hip.
One day in April, Zoey was checking up on her roses and noticed that the neighbors were doing some construction in their yard. She has known her neighbors for several years and for the most part they all were neighborly. She walked over to Ms. Morrisons house, looking dirty and sweaty from gardening and asked her “What kind of work are you doing to your yard, Ms. Morrison?” she replied, “I decided to get a brick pathway, different trees and flowers plus I want to fix that nasty crack in the sidewalk.” They both watched some of the men work almost as if they both were trying to study how to do it yourself books. Ms. Morrison offered Zoey a glass of lemonade and she accepted. Meanwhile, Ms. Morrison is inside getting the lemonade and some fresh cookies a dark blue deasil truck pulls up near her mailbox. Zoey walks over to the truck and greets him with such curiosity as to who this man is looking for since she’s never seen him around here before. She was not nearly ready for this erotic excursion she was about to begin without realizing it.
A medium build, dark short hair and eyes that are such a piercing blue- it would throw anyone in a trance. She gasped for air and immediately began wiping her dirty hands on her dirty clothes then began to run her fingers through her hair to get the clippings out, can I help you she asked him. He said “Hi, I’m Andrew but you can call me Andy.” He held out his hand to shake hers, “Zoey,” while reaching for his strong firm but soft hand shake. Can I help you, she asked Andy? By this time Ms. Morrison came out with Lemonade and cookies. She sat them on the table and had made enough lemonade and cookies for everyone there. Come have a snack and lemonade said Ms. Morrison. She poured Zoey and Andy a glass. Oh good, I’m so happy you got a chance to meet, said Ms. Morrison. Two confused faces aimed towards Ms. Morrison. “What,” Ms. Morrison said. Zoey apologized to him for Ms. Morrison but, Andy was not resenting meeting her-but the opposite. While in Zoey’s house she would hear some of the noise from Ms. Morrison’s house, but she just ignored it since she was a nice old lady and mostly because her mind was somewhere else. It’s been two weeks since she saw Andy and not yet has, she forgotten what he looked like, smelled like, his eyes and his strength. As she ponders in her mind about her fantasy of seeing him again makes her pupils dilate as her chest beats so hard that sweat begin to form on her tan body. Zoey just got out of the shower and something told her to look out the window, “Shit,” Andy is at Ms. Morrisons house. She immediately began pitching clothes left and right trying to find that cute but sexy outfit. She finally picked out a nice light blue flowy dress and put on some make-up as if she had six hands. She was a very pretty, some say gorgeous woman. While walking out her door she added some perfume just to add another touch. Zoey walked out to the mailbox pretending that the mail has come and the whole driveway seemed as if it was a mile long. She did not blink and tried to keep her breathing under control, did not work at all. Andy approached her without a shirt hot and sweaty from working and at that moment Zoey may have said she had a small heart-attack. Neighbors declare that a dime could have dropped, and it would have been heard.
Zoey and Andy both flirted with each other as if they were two small school aged kids. Andy complimented her about how beautiful she looked. Zoey just starred in his blue eyes and worked her way down to his tight chest and the jeans he was wearing could only be cut off because they fitted him that good and tight. Andy asked Zoey, “where a good place to eat at would be?” Before she could answer Ms. Morrison said, “She’s a good cook, you are Zoey don’t play shy!” Andy turned to Zoey and she could feel her face turn redder and hotter than hot lava and the sun together. Ms. Morrison told Andy “Zoey will cook for you; her specialty is Shrimp Linguini and homemade garlic bread with mozzarella.” Zoey looked at Ms. Morrison with her lips puckered telling her to “shhhhh.” Andy said, “Well than that settles it, I love your specialty how about this Saturday?” She said “ok, but I’m not a chef so set the bar low,” as she gives him a friendly smile. The entire walk back seemed to be only two steps. She was filled with and excitement and arousal that she’s never experienced in her life. When she shut the house door behind her than it sank in, what the hell am I doing, what am I going to wear, I’ve only got two days…. she screams into her couch pillow.
Saturday comes and her hair is long and straightened, her eyes are sexy and outline in black with some blue and brown eyeshadow, her dress is dark blue with spaghetti straps and a V-cut in the front. It’s a dress that expresses, hey I’m single and attracted. Her nails painted a cherry red and toe nails matched. She smelled as if she had laid in a bath filled with vanilla and lavender. The table was made for two including some wine and candles. He pulled up in her driveway and got out. Zoey met him outside, again she couldn’t breathe, and she could feel her heart pumping blood through her body. Andy greeted her with white roses, “How did you know these were my favorite roses and Rum?” Ms. Morrison, Andy said. She grabbed the roses and Rum with her sweaty hands and took them inside. Andy complimented her on how she looked. He did hold back quiet a bit because Zoey looked that sensual to him. His hands were so sweaty, almost as if he just soaked them in water. Zoey took notice of his tight jeans hugging his frontal area and his back side also. His shirt was a buttoned up, off white and the sleeves were rolled up to his elbows. Andy’s smell opened all hormones that Zoey had in her body and most she didn’t know existed. Something was happening but no one knows what. Zoey needed a drink to calm down her stimulation before she exploded. Pina Colada, she asked Andy? Sure, he yelled from the living room. Zoey brought two drinks and said dinner will be done in five minutes, hope you like it. I’m positive I will, Andy said with a small smirk. Zoey was nervous during dinner and pretty much the whole time until the third drink. Andy kept praising her for her delicious food and she was fun to be around. Dinner conversation was endless, so much in common. After dinner and cleaning up, which Andy voluntarily helped with they sat in the living room and had some more drinks and listen to music. Both, Andy and Zoey were feeling nothing but relaxed right now and the drinks kept coming. Andy was noticing her sitting there with her long curvy tan legs crossed which was very sexy and quiet stimulating his manly hormones. Her V-neck dress was just enough to drive a man insane, damn if it didn’t! A slow song came on that Andy just loved to dance to. He put Zoey’s glass down and gently grabbed her hand while gazing into her beautiful, sassy highlighted eyes and whispered, “Dance with me, baby.” He was not asking; no, he was requesting, and she was not about to ignore that demand. He pulled her close to him having one hand tightly against her lower back holding her tight against his body. His other hand was pondering through her soft long hair. She was speechless, motionless just completely engulfed into him. They both danced so tightly against each other that air could not pass. She felt him completely through his tight pants and he noticed her nipples hardened as soon as he pulled her close to him. He felt her breathing and how hot her breathing was. He didn’t stop looking at her and she did not stop looking at him. Feeling the warmness of both their breaths close together and fighting the erotic visions each are feeling. The song stopped but the dancing did not, and then it happened. They kissed.
This was not just any kiss Zoey had knowledge of, it was like a day at the spa with a hot ass man caressing her. He slowly moved his hand to her nice round butt and that filled her body with intense sexual desire and is awakened her insides and woman hood. Zoey returned the kiss making very slow and sensual movements with their tongues causing hormones to go crazy. Zoey was totally devouring all of this and encouraged much more without hesitation. Andy began to touch her breast with his whole hand and ending with the tips of his fingers matching her hard-pink nipples. He began to kiss her neck and behind her ear. This is an unfamiliar feeling, it’s been a while for her, but she’s not lost her touch. Zoey began to touch his penis through his pants and rubbing her hand back and forth on it causing his body to slightly surrender to her touch. As the music is still playing in the background, both Zoey and Andy were making their own sounds of music. Andy pulled down one strap of her dress and began to kiss her shoulder heading towards her left breast. Zoey gasped so loud being filled with curiosity and excitement. He looked into her eyes and told her “Zoey, you are so beautiful and a very desirable woman.” Andy demanded her to raise her arms in the air as he bent down to raise her dress over her sweet round butt, over her nice firm breast with hard nipples and then over her head. All she could do is close her eyes and sigh with enthusiasm and the fire he lit inside her. Zoey standing in her living room naked but a pair of dark blue skinny thongs with pink flowers on them. She lowered her head as if she was ashamed or uncomfortable. Andy looked into her eyes and asked, “Are you ok, do you want me to stop?” She quickly looked up at him and practically begged him not to stop while unbuttoning his shirt. His chest was so ripped, and his tan just enhanced all his assets. His skin tasted like sweet butter and his hands were hard from his profession but felt so forgiving against her soft satin skin. Andy picked her up with ease and laid her down on the soft plush carpet next to the fireplace while continuing to make out. Andy whispered into her ear saying, “You will relax, enjoy it and you deserve it.” Again, this was an order Zoey was not going to resist at all. He lifted her butt and gently slide off her pretty printed panties and rolled them into a ball to put them in her mouth, telling her she will need these later. This confused her but she went with it, after all she knew this was going to be amazing-somehow, she knew and wanted it. Andy knelt next to her body rubbing her neck, chest, breast all the way to her nipples and down to her stomach. He licked her exactly in the same spots as he touched her. Zoey let out a sound of surrendering to his offering. She was submitting herself to him and she was enjoying it. Finally, to the most sensual and arousing area of her body. He spread her long thin legs and began to tease her pussy with his fingers while his other hand was playing with her breasts. She let out another sigh with some restraint. The feeling was so intense it felt as if the thermostat went up twenty degrees in seconds. Zoey took control. She pulled Andy by his hair and forced his head down to her pussy and demanded attention. He gladly accepted her plea. He made her so wet with his tongue moving all over her hot wet pussy and his thick muscular fingers inside her just toped it all off. She was officially incapacitated and stricken with the powerless feeling over her own body. This did not bother her at all because she was in a different world, a world where nothing mattered and neither did anyone else for that matter. Andy was moaning with her because it was such a turn on to watch her body become completely under his control and powerless, only he can make her move and he did. Licking and fingering her faster and faster then slow and repeat drove Zoey crazy. He admired how sexy her pussy felt and how her body moved uncontrollable. Her hands were trembling while caressing her body and then quickly returned her hands back to his head of hair. She was pulling his hair tighter and tighter with each intense feeling. Now she realized why her panties were in her mouth, she was brassy out the mouth. Her noises could be heard throughout the house. Her involuntary movements were encouraging and looked-for. He had her exactly where he wanted her and now it is time to turn it up. Andy laid down and requested Zoey to sit on his face because he wanted his tongue deeper in her pussy. She listened, of course. Her pussy is wet and throbbing for more. As soon as she sat on his face, he began to move his tongue in so many directions, she couldn’t make sounds at times because of the sexual sensations. Zoey began to play with his dick outside his pants. She began to unzip his pants and he stopped her. Andy told her “This is just you enjoying yourself, it’s not about us.” A few minutes later Zoey could not control her movements, sounds, actions and she came so hard. He continued to lick her pussy, suck on her clit and finger her making her cum again and again. Zoey feel across his rock-hard chest because she could not hold herself up again or just maybe she couldn’t handle the incredible feeling-it was over whelming but great. She laid there and he allowed her to calm down while rubbing her back and letting her know that she tasted so good and that was incredible. What seemed to be hours was actually about one hour of pure blissful pleasure for her. They kissed good bye and discussed when she could see him again. They made plans for the following weekend.
Zoey counted the days down til the next time she saw Andy. There were no phone calls, but she tossed that off as he was busy with his business. The weekend came and went. Plans were made and canceled, no phone calls, no emergency room visits by him. Nothing. It took her a while to realize that this was a one-time thing, but it was a fucking awesome time and she did not regret it at all. Why would she it was all about her and the pleasure that she felt lasted and lasted in her head and in her throbbing pussy with every thought of Andy. She was completely fine with having a one-night stand, it wasn’t her first. However, it was the best she has ever had in her entire life and that night will always set the standard of what is expected for fantastic sexual relationships.

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