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by Norman
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I may be an old-fashioned fool
They say that chivalry is dead.
It’s time for it to go.
Remember we’re all equal now.
All those women say it’s so.

They’re not the weaker sex at all,
expecting us to bow.
(Not that I ever thought that we
should do that anyhow.)

They want to have what all men have;
they want to wear the pants.
They’d even open doors for you
if given half a chance.

Yes, times have changed and so have we.
It’s not like days of old
when men would lift a hat to them.
(At least, that’s what I’m told.)

But I was raised to show respect
and offer them a hand .
I’d always offer up my seat;
a gentleman would stand.

But that’s all in the past, you know,
it isn’t like that now.
Those women can stand on their own.
No need to smile and bow.

I may be an old-fashioned fool
but I say what the heck.
Just who am I to argue when
she wants to pay the check?

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