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by Norman
Rated: E · Poetry · Thriller/Suspense · #2183662
I like the quiet of the night
The city was asleep at last,
no other soul about.
Some part of me thought it’d be fun
to wake them with a shout.

But deep down in my heart I knew
I’d never take that chance,
no more than I would strip right there
and do a naked dance.

I liked the quiet of the night;
it was a part of me.
It was my time to prowl about,
as safe as safe can be.

I glided down the silent street
as quiet as a mouse.
I peeked in every windowpane
as I passed by each house.

I finally found an open door
someone forgot to lock.
Inside I didn’t hear a sound
except an ancient clock.

The ticking of the clock was loud;
it echoed to my heart.
Each beat was like a hammer blow
that tore my chest apart.

I tried to calm my racing pulse;
I didn’t move a step.
Then once I felt myself calm down
up to the stairs I crept.

Then all at once a light flared up
and then somebody said,
“Oh, it’s way past your bedtime, girl.
Now get yourself to bed.”

“Okay. ‘Night, Mom.”

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