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Lily rules her country. She does whatever the hell she likes. Elephants have opinions.
“Anywhere can seem barbaric. But why do only a barbaric episode of history of a place and not show the way people have good functioning in other countries - some people making a home of things and forming at least societies within a society that have ways of resolving conflict. They sort of did that in Aladdin prince of thieves there was a code and fair treatment by them thieves treating thieves good while still being each man for himself. That is a good view of working together.” said the exotic elephant from the western isles to no one in particular. But who did she consider no one in particular?

Thanks exotic Elephant said Lily. “I just got a little more time with my mom and she is really good I don’t think she is going to get to the dairy farmer she has a little more time with him but I’m going back to the doctor to see if I have any more doctor appointment or not but I’ll be praying for her to get back on that the road and get some more done I can do that and get it done for your day to do a huge help while playing frags with elephants fragrant opinions.”

Alray sure knew what she was saying. It was if she carefully picked words from a computer’s suggesting possible words. That made complete sense. Unless you were actually listening. But Alray never actually listened so he understood everything.
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