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by JLB
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Are you searching the way to increase your motivation? I will tell you the way.Enjoy!
Today, I had to do many chores because I have to move for new job.

My new job is national public servant.

I had been longed to be NATIONAL PUBLIC SERVANT for about decade.

After a lot has happened, I get the job, but return to our subject.

How to increase your motivation?

The answer is simple.

Remember your worst event which you had to experience thanks to your laziness.

For example, when I was high school student, I wanted to go to are university.

However, I did not any effort to go there.

I just spent the valuable time by thinking I am a genius,foolishly.

As a result, gradually,it came to me that I would never go to good art university because of my short of effort.

Then I forgo my wish to go to art university.

It serves me right, but it was so severe event that still now, I often remember the sad days.

I recall my mistake and the bitter feeling makes me increase my motivation extraordinary strongly.

As I mentioned earlier, remembering fault would get your motivation increase. Not to repeat same mistake.

This is because human being have instinct to protect themselves by keep their failure in their mind.

Mistakes seem just bad for us but these could be useful if we utilize them.

Recall bitter and misery feelings of fault invited by your laziness.

It must be raise your motivation dramatically!
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