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INTRODUCTION - Chief Engineer O'Donovan
Galactic Fleet Historical File:

O'Donovan, Peter M.

Mid-level Biography

Rank:                                                   Lieutenant Commander
Current Assignment: Chief Engineering Officer
Full Name: Peter Malcolm O'Donovan (Pod)
Date of Birth: February 16, 2054
Place of Birth: Killarney, Ireland, Earth
Ancestry: Back to 16th Century 1st & 2nd Desmond Rebellion
Education: Galactic Fleet Academy, 2072 - 2076
Marital Status: Single

Galactic Fleet Career Summary:

2076 - First year Academy graduate with the rank of Ensign, 
assigned to Galactic Fusion Propulsion School, Glasgow, Scotland.
2078 - Promoted to Lieutenant, Jr. Grade and assigned to SS Essex as assistant
Engineering Division Officer.
2086 - Promoted to Lieutenant and re-assigned to Galactic Fusion Propulsion School
in Glasgow, Scotland as an Instructor; promoted to Lieutenant Commander and
named Chief Instructor.
2092 - Refused promotion to Commander to accept position as Chief Engineer of the newly
commissioned SS Stargazer under the Starship's first Commanding Officer,
Captain William J. Hunter. Commended and decorated for successfully training the
Stargazer's pre-commissioning crew and supervising the numerous civilian engineers,
designers, and technicians during the Stargazer's month long "Shakedown Cruise" and
initial performance trials.
2096 - Remained aboard as Chief Engineer at the request of Captain Foxwell subsequent to Foxwell
assuming command.

Lieutenant Commander O'Donovan was 42 when Captain Foxwell assumed command of the Stargazer.
The Chief Engineer was honored that Captain Foxwell requested he remain aboard as the Chief Engineer,
not surprising considering the superb reputation he garnered during his 20 year career with Galactic Fleet
Command. Loyal to his Irish ancestry, he enjoys Irish music, dancing, whiskey, and the many varieties of dark
beer brewed throughout the country. "It's so thick you can chew it" he often enjoys saying in the company of
crewmates and friends. He's a big fan of Irish sports, his favorites being Gaelic Football, hurling, handball,
and rounders. He enjoys Irish folklore, music, and literature, and is a collector of many Irish relics, some of
which he displays in his stateroom. Although never married, he became involved with a civilian employee of
Galactic Fleet Command while previously assigned as an Instructor, but it fizzled out after his transfer to the Stargazer.

Captain Foxwell sometimes addresses his Chief Engineer by the nickname, 'Pod.'

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