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includes one poem per day for April 10, 11th and 12th halfway through the month!

April 10th Nightmare Butterfly Cinquain


Endless fears all night long
Huge Monsters chasing me
Hideous Creatures from Hell Itself
Fiendish Hell hounds escaped Banishes
screaming bloody murder
they chase me all the way
I die

April 10 Nightmare Cinquain

Endless fears all night long
Can’t escape running from these dreams
All night

April 11 Dedication Poem to the women in my Dreams

Dedicated to the woman of my Dreams
lives in my dreams
I dedicate this poem
You came out of my nightly dreams
My Love

My Love
I dreamt of you
For eight long years starting
Dream of you in 79 met in

We met in that year
Love at first sight I knew

You were the one for me my dream girl
My Love

The Art of Stealing Money –Anatomy of a Bank Scam

The bankers
God rest their evil souls
Have mastered the art
Of stealing
Their client’s money

Through one means or another
Your money
Is their money
And their money
Is none of your business

Recently we fell victim
To such a scam
We had stocks in a bank
But we failed
To actively manage the account

And the bank said
Because we had not acted
On the account
Over three years
We had abandoned the account

The bank was supposed
To contact us
But they claimed
That they did not know
Where we were

Thus, our account
Into the hands
Of the greedy
State of Delaware

We have to reclaim
The money
That the bank
Through their mistake
Sent to Delaware

If the bank
makes a mistake
You loose
If you make a mistake
They win

That’s all part of the art
Of stealing your money
All in a day’s work
For the evil soul-sucking bankers
The so-called masters of the universe

Incheon Beach Waltz Wave Poem

near home
The West Sea
Spring Time
night sunset
over the sea
Sun goes down
waves come in
over beach
is great

these are my poems for the April poetry challenge through April 12. you can see the rest on all poetry and writers digest as well as on my blog https://theworldaccordingtocosmos.com which will eventually feature audio clips as well
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