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Live on the street
20 minute from my room,in a place where I went down a steep slope by bicycle. There was a park with a relatively large lawn, called Yokoyama Park. At 7 am, I took the old classic guitar out of the case、and put it against a Ginkgo tree where autumn leaves fell.

I had been playing guitar solo on a longing bench here for 5 years."Guitar Live on the street" I sang occasionally when I felt good. To play the guitar was not that that ... to strive for something. Of course, finishing one song required a certain amount of practice, but it was fun to finish little by little, and the practice didn't bother ... For the guitar, it was so.

However, I felt that something I had struggled with in my life, I sought, was unexpectedly not available. And then I was destined to play alone on the bench in the park, with no one listening. A couple of elderly people with heavy clothes were taking a morning walk with a fast pace on a park path. Some people had a puppy. A yellow sun was shining to the east.
I warmed up my hands and started to sing with a guitar.

"There is nothing you want, there is no one to look for ...
It's a dream that runs away as much as you want ... As you look for ... it is a love that disappears......."
Then, I watched a company employee wearing a black coat on a suit passing by. . ... After all, I was the only one.
When I had been eager to become someone hard, I had told by a friend
He had said,

"I am not!!!!!"

At that time, it was a rebound, but there are some people who can not easily change their own unique color or smell, or characteristic.

Because of that reazon, two women had left. Goodbye .and.
While thinking about that, Il tried to sing the Beatles Yesterday. Did my voice reach the people passing by?
The third woman . I'd been with her for another 10 years ...
She said, “The park bench is cold and boring”・ ・ ・ I was not sad, I did not seem to be too lonely.
But I am worried about her.

"Are you eating properly?"

"What are you doing?"

I had been eating alone for three days from that day
... have a simple meal,

"What am I for yout? Am I cooking rice?"
She had said.

Then she had went out drinking with her boy friend.

This day I was playing the guitar


The scent of tobacco smoke carried on the wind.

When I was playing "my lover" composed by Mayumi, I noticed her looking at me from afar. Long brown hair, petite body, mascara with crisp eyes ...
I raised my hand.

"I've been waiting for you ."

She brought me a small handmade lunch box in her handbag .

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