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Cheaters Never Win

And the Answer Is

"The answer is 5 6 7."

"I haven't even asked the question yet."

"But I have this new ability to see into the future and know what's about to happen."

"Okay Marty. Next person that gets out of line and the whole class gets detention, understood?" Mrs. Jones was getting irritated. They could all see that flustered look on her face. Her cheeks always got a bit redder and her eyes got all bugged out. Time to stop with the jokes.

The bell rang and they filed out into the hall.

"Good one, Marty. I can't get another detention. Mom will have my head." Bingo was hitting Marty on the arm.

"It's true! I do know the answers before she asks! I can see it just like it was on the white board or something."

"Yeah, right. I know that my Dad will give me twenty swats if I get detention so knock it off wise guy," Donald said. He marched off down the hall to his next class.

Marty's next class was American History. Mr. Thacker was writing assignments on the board. He turned around as Marty entered.

"Mr. Thacker, about tomorrow's question for the test." Mr. Thacker turned back to continue writing on the board.

"Do you know the answer?"

"I do. It's 1812."

Mr. Thacker stopped writing and turned around. "Are you sure about that?" The look on his face was serious.

"Pretty sure. I saw it in front of my eyes when I brushed my teeth this morning."

"Are you cheating?"

"No sir."

"Let's see how you do tomorrow, shall we?"

Tomorrow came and the test was given. Scores were posted. Marty got 100%. Mr. Thacker was amazed but Marty wasn't. He was given the answer when eating breakfast. The answer was Roughriders.

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