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INTRODUCTION - Chief Medical Officer Rivera
Galactic Fleet Historical File:

Rivera, Jorge M.

Mid-level Biography

Rank:                                        Lieutenant
Current Assignment: Chief Medical Officer, SS Stargazer
Full Name: Jorge Manuel Rivera
Date of Birth: October 16, 2062
Place of Birth: Mexico City, Mexico
Ancestry: Traced back to 16th Century Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire.
Education: Galactic Fleet Academy & School of Medicine 2080 - 2088
Interned: Galactic Fleet Medical Cntr. / San Francisco & Stockholm 2088 - 2090
Marital Status: Single


Galactic Fleet Career Summary:

2090 - Promoted to Ensign and assigned to Flagship SS Galactica as assistant Medical Officer.

2093 - Promoted to Lt. Junior Grade and transferred to SS Conquistador as assistant Surgical Officer.

2096 - Promoted to Lieutenant and reassigned to SS Stargazer as Chief Medical Officer.

Lieutenant Rivera was 28 when assigned to the SS Stargazer as Chief Medical Officer.
Lt. Rivera distinguished himself as an excellent Physician and Trauma Surgeon, helping create new
emergency triage protocols during his service aboard the SS Conquistador. The Battle Cruiser sustained
serious damage and multiple casualties during a supply replenishment operation alongside a Galactic Fleet
Freighter after the docking clamps failed, resulting in explosive decompression. Lt. Rivera is credited with not
losing a single patient during that extremely serious incident. He is a dedicated Physician and career Galactic
Fleet Medical Officer. He's known to be very amiable, spending the majority of his time in the Stargazer's
Medical Department, and is well liked and respected by the ship's crew. He does not believe in specific
"medical hours" but has an open door policy of encouraging all crew members to contact him should they
have any questions or concerns, and to seek his immediate expertise should they become injured or not
feel well. Lt. Rivera is very close to his immediate and extended family in Mexico City, and has many friends
in San francisco and Stockholm, a result of his time in both cities before assignment to the fleet.

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