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Let's be pirates instead!

Wish in a Bottle

WC 298

"Here's the plan. We throw the bottle over the fence. Because there's a knot in the rope the bottle won't hit the ground on the other side. We start runnin' before anyone sees us." Billy smiled as he told the others and twirled the bottle round and round as he spoke. Splashes of water came out.

"What? Why are we doing this?" Joe always wanted to know the reason before he did something with the gang of boys. He was cautious that way.

"Come on! It'll be fun." Billy had thought about this all last night. It seemed like a fun thing to do this hot summer day. "When the bottle goes over the fence, this water will spill out. The water will go all over the girls in their bathing suits lying in the sun. It'll make them scream but they won't know who did it because we are on the other side of the fence and will be runnin' away. Got it?" The bottle went round and round, splashing water, as Billy tried to enlist support for his plan.

"But why do we want to make the girls scream?" Marty asked. He didn't like to get in trouble.

"Yeah, let's just go down to the beach and go swimming. We can take that bottle, stick a note in it and put it out to sea. We can be pirates!" Bart jumped up. "Stinky old girls! We can have fun without them. Come on guys!"

Bart led the parade of boys to the beach, leaving Billy behind in the dust of the midsummer afternoon. Billy could hear the girls giggling on the other side of the fence. He twirled the bottle a few times more then drank the water. "Yeah, heck with them. Wait for me, pirates!"

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