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INTRODUCTION - Communications Officer Xuriya
Galactic Fleet Historical File:

Xuriya, Lovisa

Mid-Level Biography

Rank:                                        Lieutenant
Current Assignment: Chief Communications Officer, SS Stargazer
Full Name: Lovisa Xuriya
Date of Birth: February 14, 2061
Place of Birth: Helsinborg, Sweden
Ancestry: Dates back to the 18th Century Swedish 'Age of Enlightenment.'
Education: Galactic Fleet Academy 2079 - 2083
Marital Status: Single


Galactic Fleet Career Summary:

2083 - First year Academy graduate with the rank of Ensign, assigned to
SS Rimkus as a junior Communications Officer.
2087 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and reassigned to SS Tribune
as assistant Communications Officer.
2091 - Promoted to Lieutenant and transferred to the Galactic Fleet Academy in
San Francisco as a Starship Communications Instructor.
2096 - Reassigned to SS Stargazer as Chief Communications Officer.

Xuriya was 35 at the time of her transfer to the SS Stargazer as Chief Communications Officer. Her story begins as she finishes her second year at the Galactic Fleet Academy, where she meets future Captain Jon Foxwell shortly before he graduates. Senior cadet Foxwell asked her to his pre-graduating class prom as his date, and they began a short courtship before he graduated and was assigned to his first Starship, SS Explorer. Over the years both focused on their careers as she attempts to suppress her memories and feelings toward cadet Foxwell, whom she had fallen in love with during their brief relationship. She didn't blame him for his career ambition, but her feelings were re-ignited when years later he personally recommended her very qualified younger brother for an appointment to the Academy. Xuriya subsequently turned down a promotion to Lieutenant Commander for the opportunity to be assigned to the SS Stargazer as the Chief Communications Officer, with the trepidatious approval of Captain Foxwell.

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