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by Eobard
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Drama · #2190962
Emma Frost bags Quicksilver. Gambit steals so Rogue makes him pay. Xmen is owned by Marvel
This story takes place in the X-men animated series from the 1990's or the characters look like they did in it... enjoy.

In the library of the Hellfire Club in Westchester County, New York the Magnetic Mutant Magneto is finishing up a conversation he is having with the mutant Emma Frost.
“It’s over Emma. The Inner Circle is disbanded. Our business together is over. I have chosen my son Pietro to be the owner of the club house. He’ll be here soon so start packing.”
Before Emma could object he had already floated up to the ceiling, opened the sunroof using magnetism, and soured away. She is livid that after all her years of loyalty to the Circle he gives that egotistical fool the place while she gets squat. While she is angry at the injustice done to her she senses a mind of a woman staring at the building from the gate so she decides to enter her mind.
“(in her mind) Hello stranger. I don't know why you're scouting thi…"
"It must stink Mrs. Frost to hear that the boy is getting something you have worked so hard for."
Emma is surprised that she knows of her and about Magneto's regrettable decision but she must follow the Circles guidelines and not work with outsiders.
"My name is…"
Before she could think her name Pietro makes his speedy entrance with his blue spandex suite with the white lightning bolt on it. He runs around Frost to make her fall into the armchair behind her which causes her to lose the telepathic connection to the stranger.
"Hey Emma! What are you still doing here? You were supposed to leave the building about… A minute ago."
She gets up from the chair to tell him off but her powers reads the strangers mind again as Quicksilver goes into a minilogue about his father.
"(Stranger's thoughts)... But you may call me Queen. I plan on taking over the world for all of womankind. You would make a perfect addition to my council.
"Interesting and all but what's in it for me?
"Male mutants will be treated as badly as normal males will be treated but females will be given equal if not more rights than normal women. You will have a position of power as a regent as well as being my advisor for mutant relations plus this mansion. All you have to do is stink up someone close to Magneto using your 'assets'. When that is done follow these directions to officially join the WFD. Ohh and turn to this channel to see the beginning of the revolution.” She thinks the channel number to Mrs. Frost
Emma disconnects from the Queen's mind to find Quicksilver inches from her with a look of curiosity. She gives him a creepy smile that makes him back up a little before suddenly not being able to move.
“I have disabled your arms and legs so you won’t be able to escape. Now Pietro I think there has been a mix up. (gets up from the chair and walks to the scared teen) You see I’m being given the mansion and you will… get to live in it as my personal cushion.”
She grabs him by the collar of his spandex suite then walks a few feet back to the armchair. She releases him at the chair which causes him to fall onto his back with his head resting on the cushion of the chair. As he begs her not to she turns her back to him then sits on the chair.
“I think this is the best outcome since we both get to live in here. You might have gotten the rear end of it but hey you could have easily declined your daddy’s gift but you didn't so you have to suffer for it.”
Quicksilver can’t do anything but sniff up her gas as only his head hasn’t been disabled. Suddenly Emma hears police sirens blaring from outside. Using her telepathy she finds the thoughts of one Remy Lebeau on top of a building who thinks that the emerald ring he stole will look perfect on Rogue’s finger. Whilr Rogue levitates above the building looking down at the frenchman thinking that he will never stop going back to being a thief. Emma decides to simply spectate the scene and will only intervene when the moment arises. For now she will watch the news to watch the start of a revolution.

Perched on Top of a building in Westchester County, New York the mutant Gambit a.k.a Remy Lebeau watches on as police officers rush into a jewelry store to stop a robbery. What they don't expect is that the thief had already left the building and is watching with glee as they futilely search it from head to toe for him. While he is watching this a shadow goes over him and he notices who has come to foil his caper.
"What you gone and stolen Swamp Rat?"
He looks up at the cause of the shadow to see none other than the southern daisy Rogue looking down at him with an annoyed look on her face.
"Ahh Cheré old Remy just having a little fun now. What's the harm in that?" He says while admiring the emerald ring he stole then eyeing her up.
"Problem being you given mutants a bad name. Like we ain't discriminated enough already. Now if you'd be so kind as to hand over whatever you've stolen we can head back to the mansion and…"
Before she could finish her sentence Remy pulled a card out of his brown trench coat and threw it at her. She covers her eyes as it blows up inches from her face.
When she moves her hands out of the way she sees that he has already jumped two buildings. She facepalms knowing he would do that then flies over to the building he is about to jump off of. While he is running on the building he is stopped by Rogue levitating a few feet in front of him.
"I ain't gonna let you keep it Cajun."
"I won't be so just let me go on by to the mansion and this whole business will be over."
She was about to respond until Gambit runs at her with his metal staff outstretched then uses it to boost him over her.
As Gambit passes over Rogue she goes to snatch him from the air until a gross thought enters her mind and she can't seem to shake it off. Remy passes over the gap between the building then as he is about to land on the adjacent building Rogue flies into his way. (facing away from him) He couldn't do anything as his face collides with her yellow/green spandex covered bum. She clenches her cheeks to keep him from falling then brings him back to the building he just left.
When she lands Rogue does a complete spin and as she is spinning...
She lets out a fart then unclenches her cheeks to have Gambit roll onto his back. He sits up then shakes his head not understanding what just happened and fanning her gas away from his nose.
"What the heck was that Cheré?" He asks gently confused about how she caught him.
"I had to release some gas so what better way then to release it on a swamp rat?" She is surprised she said that outloud. (not meaning to) He gets up then dusts off his trench coat while she removes the yellow glove from her right hand
"Well I'll be off before you have any more…"
Before he could finish his sentence she sores at him then covers his mouth with her ungloved hand.
Gambit feels woozy as his energy and powers are being drained by Rogue. She removes her hand from his face, hesitates for a second, then grabs his dark brown hair with her other hand and brings his face to her tush.
Without his energy Remy succumbs to the gas and passes out.
Rogue lifts Gambit onto her shoulders, grabs his staff, then flies into the open sunroof right next to them on the roof. She enters the room to find it to be a fancy library with a fireplace so this must be the Hellfire Club mansion. In the middle of the room she sees someone sitting on an armchair facing a tv above the fireplace that is tuned to the news. Rogue looks up at the tv to see the news is covering a story about the viral video of a teenage heroine using her powers to trap a teenage boy inside a bubble with her farts.
“Magnificent isn’t it? How a man can easily be reduced to a fart cushion.”
Rogue moves around to the other side of the armchair to see a blonde wearing a white corset, cape, pants, and heels sitting on the face of Magneto’s son Pietro.
While also farting on him... yeah she is doomed.
This shocks and scares her so wanting to skip to the point Emma answers the questions she knows Rogue has for her.
“The group has disbanded so I was gifted the building for my loyalty to the Inner Circle. I didn’t let you forget what you wanted to do. You gassed him of your free will.So after answering your questions why don’t you tell me how it felt? .and Quicksilver has… agreed to be my cushion.”
“It felt… good but I know it’s wrong. He will either buy the ring from the store or return it and apologize for stealing it to restore the people’s opinion of us mutants.”
“(yawn) That sounds very X-men of you but how about making equal rights for our kind. I’m talking about joining a group of women that plans on taking over this world. This isn’t like Magneto's plan since he wants mutant supremacy and they want mutant equality sooner than later. Did you see the video of the superheroine putting that teen in one of her bubbles and farting into it? Well I have been in contact with the woman who planned that and she says she is willing to give female mutants equal rights if we join her and her mission to take over the world.
Rogue thinks of it for a second but Emma reads her thoughts and sees her leaning towards telling the X-men all she just said. So she gives Rogue’s thoughts a tiny push to thinking of a world where mutants and humans coexist days from now.
“Alright I’m in but no funny business you hear Mrs. Frost?
Emma gets up from the chair and shakes Rogue’s gloved hand, uses her telepathy to force Pietro”s (passed out at this point) body to follow them, then guides her to the helipad where a military grade helicopter waits for them.
“You have my word Rogue. Now let’s go join the others.”
They get into the back of the helicopter and sit on chairs while they have the guys lay on stretchers with power dampening collars on and Gambit’s items in a duffel bag. As the female pilot flies the helicopter to the coordinates Emma hopes that Rogue won’t realize that her new thoughts of the future has up to no men in it. With the few in it having a look of defeat on their faces awaiting to be used as cushions. Afterall you gotta let loose to rule for Womankind!
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