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Short story

I sit on my knees by the side of the front door, waiting eagerly for Mistress' return, in nothing but my pink leather collar and a lead which is tight between my teeth, It's only been a couple of hours but it seems alot longer. I feel my thighs becoming wet, I look up at the clock, Mistress should be home shortly and I can not wait! It's minutes before I hear the sound of the key in the door, I hear the lock turn and the handle gets pulls down, I wait for Mistress to walk through the door.

As the door opens I feel the cold air brush against my naked body, I shiver a little and my nipples stand up, I quickly bow my head, wanting to please Mistress. The door shuts and I feel her eyes burning against my body, I bite my own lip, desperate for her touch. Mistress runs her fingers through my long blond hair, wrapping it round her fist gently before yanking my head back. I whimper a little, her eyes meet mine. I start to check my Mistress out, I stare over her curves, her cleavage on show to me as half of her shirt is unbuttoned, I ask myself whether she did it on purpose, I then look down to her heels and slowly make my way up her legs to, just as I reach her thighs I am interrupted. Mistress asks me if I've been a good puppy today - to which I nod, a sharp slap lands on my cheek, I whimper again, before correctly replying - Yes Mistress, dropping the leash from my mouth.

Mistress releases the grip on my hair and takes my leash in her hand before leading me over to the sofa, where she sits and spreads her knees abit, she pulls me between her legs and tells me to heel. I look up at her, damn she looks so hot! Her shirt is not fully done, her red bra is on show and her very short skirt is riding high to her sweet thighs, her long shiny black hair falls amazingly around her shoulders and her bright blue eyes sparkle as they meet mine. I feel Mistress' eyes piercing my body as I look down towards her feet, I feel my breathing getting faster, I bite my lip trying to control it, wondering whether Mistress will notice my change in it.

Speaking softly, Mistress tells me to lower my head and lick her shoes, - Yes Mistress, I reply before lowering my head to her feet. I begin to lick the tops of her shoes before lifting her leg and licking the rest, I take the heel into my mouth and suck and lick it, then proceed to do the same with the other shoe. Once Mistress is satisfied with my efforts, she tugs on my lead, I sit back up onto my knees and put my hands behind my back, I look up at her, wondering what shes thinking as she looks down at me with a smirk on her face.

Mistress asks if I was a good puppy today, to which I hesitantly reply - Yes Mistress, debating on telling her what I had really been up to today. Mistress pauses for a moment, watching my eyes start to wonder, something they always do when I lie, before grabbing a handful of my hair and gives me a sharp slap across the face, "tell me the truth you little bitch!", she orders and slaps the other side of my face - I whimper, shocked at the pain of the sharp slaps, I begin to stutter and mumble nervously, my eyes down at Mistress' feet.

Mistress hold my leash up to my mouth for me to take it between my teeth again, once I do so, she then pulls me out of the room, using my hair to lead me, I whimper in discomfort behind her, thinking about what Mistress is going to do to me is making my pussy drip, I am eager to get to the destination so I can find out. We get to kitchen, I look up at Mistress, slightly disappointed as I hoped she was taking me to the bedroom, regardless of how disappointed I am, I do not complain. My mind races with thoughts about what Mistress has in store for me, how severe my punishment will be and more to the point - will it get my pussy wet?

I feel my hair being pulled again, causing me to jerk out of my thoughts, I look up at Mistress, hoping she is going to inform me of what my punishment will be, but she doesn't, she just simply smiles at me before squatting down in-front of me. Whilst pulling on my hair, causing my head to tilt backwards, Mistress begins to kiss and bite my neck, causing me to gasp, not expecting it, she then stars sucking on my neck, making me moan loud in pleasure, whilst sucking my neck, her nails lightly brush across my nipples, making them stand. I moan again at the feeling and begin to pant, my tongue out of my mouth, I yelp like a young pup, not only wanting to please Mistress but also in hope of her just fucking me right now.

I proceed to pant and moan, sensitive to Mistress' touch, not wanting her to stop; I move my hands to her shirt and begin to unbutton it slowly, once all the buttons are undone, I place my hands on Mistress' breasts and gently massage them. I spread my knees a little bit, in hope to get some more attention from Mistress, but she doesn't stop biting and sucking all over my neck - which is now becoming sore, I moan and start to yelp before saying "Mistress...please fuck me". Mistress slowly stands up from her squatting position and looks down at me, my knees now spread wide, I can feel my pussy dripping down my thighs - Ugh! how I long for Mistress' tongue between my legs.

Without saying anything, Mistress walks behind me, holds my arms and I feel the cold metal against my wrists, then I hear the click of handcuffs being fastened, I bite my own lip as Mistress does this, I whimper, wondering what she will do to me next. As I feel Mistress let go of my arms, I try to move them to figure out whether shes handcuffed my hands together or not, as I do - Mistress pushes me down to the floor, holding my shoulders to ensure I don't hurt myself, now in the face down/ass up position, I look back at Mistress helplessly.

I carefully watch Mistress as she walks to the freezer, opens it and slowly takes out a tray of ice cubes, I almost automatically shiver. Mistress turns around and must have seen the shocked expression on my face as she then says - "whats wrong puppy? You didn't mind playing with yourself when I was gone...you must share and atleast let me have my turn now". She confuses me so much when she speaks so soft, I feel like I can say no as shes being so kind...But I know my mind is deceiving me, I wouldn't dare refuse Mistress playtime!

Mistress walks over to me and stands behind me, I hear her bang the tray on the dining table, making a few cubes fall out, she slowly spreads my cheeks before forcefully shoving an ice cube straight up my ass. I yelp in discomfort as the cube is forced into me, I groan - knowing it is only going to get worse, I then feel my knees being spread further, so my pussy is wide open, I feel Mistress gently push one ice cube in, she pauses once its in, which confuses me as I can hear her moving. Then I feel another cube being forced into my pussy, at which point I moan loudly in discomfort at the painful aching sensation, I look up at Mistress pleading with my eyes, begging.

Mistress looks down at me and smirks before asking - "Whats wrong puppy?", to which I look up at her and whimper uncontrollably. My thighs and legs rapidly becoming wet, both my pussy and ass are aching and numb, my thighs also becoming numb because of the ice that is now melting and running down them. Mistress squats down in front of me, taking my chin, Mistress glares into my eyes, I see a smirk forming on her face again, she suddenly kisses my lips deep, her hand still on my chin, the other now grabbing a fistful of my hair, wrapping it round her hand and tugging on it.

Mistress undoes my handcuffs then continues kissing me, biting on my lip, I moan in response, wanting more, she pulls my hair harder, pulling my head back, exposing my neck to her. I gasp as she bites hard on my neck, sucking at my at my already sore skin, leaving more marks to add to the previous ones, I moan as she does so, biting my own lip, eyes shut. I can feel my pussy becoming wet and it begins to ache, longing for her touch, I whimper and beg her for more - "Please Mistress, please fuck me", I whimper again, hoping she will take pity on her pet.

'SLAP', I moan, whimper and begin to cower down, my hand lifts to my face to try and stop the sting of the slap, that Mistress has just gave me across my face, silly idea - 'SLAP', the other side of my face now stings, I continue to whimper before braving to look up at my Mistress. "Did I say you could look at me puppy?", Mistress asks me, to which I reply "no Mistress, sorry", suddenly I feel her hand rub against my aching pussy, I tremble, if I was standing I'm sure my knees would have buckled underneath me.

Mistress lightly runs her finger over the outside of my pussy, teasing me, I buck my hips slightly, in hope of getting her to rub me harder, Mistress leans down to my ear, "patience puppy, patience" she whispers, before gently biting on my ear lobe. She slowly runs her middle finger up and down my slit before using her free hand to spread my lips apart, I gasp as I feel the cold air brush against my now very hard clit. Mistress slowly circles my clit, using only her middle finger, before stopping, I groan and whimper in frustration.

"Please Mistress" I whimper, Mistress replies with a smirk before saying "aw is my pup horny? Is my pup wet? Ok lets see how wet puppy really is", before I have chance to take in what shes saying, she thrusts two fingers up my pussy, I moan, slightly shocked but so turned on. "Oh, my puppy really is wet!" She exclaims, whilst fucking me with her fingers, I moan uncontrollably, not wanting her too stop, I'm gasping at each thrust into my now sopping pussy, I buck my hips, forcing her fingers deep inside me. Panting now, eyes shut, head back, biting my lip, "do not cum pup!" Mistress orders, to which I whimper and try and concentrate on following Mistress' instructions.

Just as I think I can not hold on any longer, Mistress removes her fingers, "good puppy", I look up at her, panting still, she forces her fingers in my mouth, I lick and suck them, cleaning my juices off her. Mistress stands up from her squatting position, she takes my lead and walks me to the staircase, she slowly walks up the stairs, pulling me with her, me still being on all fours is making me struggle abit, but Mistress just slowly down her pace, allowing me to catch up to her. We reach the top and Mistress leads me into the bedroom, she unclasps my lead, loops it round the beds headboard before telling to get on the bed, once on, she re-clips my lead to my collar.

Mistress then walks to the set of drawers, collecting a few things, first she opens the toy drawer, then the blindfold drawer, and then the gag drawer, once she has the items, she walks to the bedside table, laying down the selected items, before I have chance to look over to the table, a blindfold is placed on me, I whimper, not expecting it. Mistress orders me to put my face against the bed and my ass up in the air, I quickly do so, I stay quiet, trying to listen to where Mistress is, or what she is doing. My hands are suddenly pulled behind my back, startling me abit and I feel the cold metal around my wrists again as Mistress puts a pair of handcuffs on me, then I feel Mistress sit on the bed, close to me, she strokes my hair for a moment, before telling me to open my mouth, she slips in a ball gag and fastens it behind my head, then stands back up.

All goes quiet again, for what seems to be a long time, but in reality its only minutes, before 'WHACK', I gasp hard, coughing due to my sharp intake of breath. It takes me a minute to realise that Mistress is using a paddle on me, once I do, I begin to moan and whimper into my gag. "Shh Puppy, you get 9 more strikes with the paddle, then five strikes to your pussy with the cane", Mistress says bluntly, I whimper and bite into the gag as Mistress rains 5 more strikes down to my ass, one after the other, each one hitting a different spot, I whimper, panting hard, biting into the gag, trying not to scream. I feel my thighs becoming increasingly wet and I so want to feel Mistress' touch, I quickly return to reality when the last 3 strikes land.

I hear Mistress put the paddle down on the bedside table, then uncuffs my hands, she tells me to roll over, which I quickly do so, now lay on my back, my ass feels like its on fire. I feel rope around my wrists, I lay still, hoping Mistress will say something, but she doesn't, she just ties my hands together and pushes them above my head, restraining me, I assume she has tied the rope to the headboard as I can no longer move my arms. I then feel a soft material going round my ankles, I whimper at the unknown but still, Mistress doesn't speak, she just carries on putting what I know now as a spreader bar between my legs.

I try to move my legs, with no luck I give up, only for Mistress to lift my legs up by the spreader bar, then extend it before putting my legs back down. I whimper, not in pain but in humiliation, I am currently naked, I can not see Mistress but I know that she can see everything! I can feel the juices running from my pussy and my breathing becomes rapid in anticipation, I want to get it over and done with, I hope Mistress will make me cum after it.

I can hear Mistress moving around at the side of me, but I do not know what shes doing, before I can figure it out, shes back at the bottom of the bed, she climbs over to top me me, making me gasp a little as I did not expect it. I feel my nipples being pulled, twisted and tugged at, I moan helplessly in response, this lasts for a few seconds before a nipple clamp is attached to each, I feel the clamp biting into my skin as I moan and struggle a little bit, trying to move from my position. I hear the jingle of metal, I realise there is also a chain attached between the nipple clamps, I continue to whimper quietly, but loud enough for Mistress to hear me through the gag.

Mistress climbs of me, I can feel her eyes, piercing into my skin as she examines her dirty little pup, knowing that she is completely helpless... "Whack!!", I scream loud into my gag, not expecting the strike, I'm gasping hard, trying to get my breathing back under control, once I have, the next four strikes come, quickly, sharply and almost in rhythm. I am close to tears, my clit aches, but I am still so damn wet! Before my breathing has time to adjust to its normal rate; Mistress rams two fingers deep into my pussy, I take a sharp intake of breath, causing me to choke on the gag before moaning and becoming very flustered, trying to stop myself from cumming there and then.

I am moaning into the gag as Mistress continues to finger fuck my pussy deep, hard and very fast, I'm panting now, trying to beg her but my gag is making me muffled. Mistress suddenly completely removes her fingers, I whimper, not wanting her to stop, but also a moan of relief, I don't think I would be able to stop myself from cumming any longer, ugh! Mistress removes my blindfold, then my gag, I stretch my jaw and lick my lips, trying to get the moisture back into my now very dry mouth.

Mistress leans down and begins to bite and suck my neck again, causing me to moan and gasp, my pussy dripping down my thighs, I am certain there is a wet patch underneath me! Mistress climbs of me before slowly peeling down her underwear infront of me, I bite my lip as she bends over, giving me a glance down her top, purposely teasing me with her perfect cleavage before slowly walking towards me. I begin gazing into her eyes, becoming very quickly lost in them, so lost that I don't even realise Mistress getting closer and closer to me, before I know it she is back on top of me.

Mistress positions herself over my face, I automatically stick out my tongue as she lowers herself, the flat of my tongue, pressed against her now swollen clit. I begin to eagerly lap at her pussy, my tongue flicking over her clit a few times before sucking it hard. Making my Mistress moan, excites me, making me lick and suck on her precious pussy even more,before suddenly slipping my tongue straight inside her, making her gasp, not expecting it.

Mistress begins to move up and down on my tongue, using me to pleasure herself, I moan in response, rattling the handcuffs against the bed, desperately wanting her to take the cuffs off so I can touch her. Mistress continues to bounce on my tongue, rubbing her moisture all around and on my mouth, she reaches down and begins to pinch, flick and twist my nipples hard. I moan in loud and begin to whimper, helplessly, wanting more from her; my moans obviously turning her on more as she grabs my hair with her other hand and forces me deeper into her pussy.

She continues to rub my face into her wet pussy, still playing with my tits, making me squirm helplessly underneath her. Mistress starts to grind against my tongue, harder and faster, twisting my nipples hard, making me flick her clit with my tongue as she explodes, her cum covering my lips, dripping down my chin and her knees shaking as she reaches climax. My head drops back onto the pillow as Mistress climbs off me, she looks down at me before using her finger to clean the cum from my chin, she then puts her fingers in my mouth, after telling me to clean them.

When Mistress is satisfied that I've cleaned her fingers properly she walks to the end of the bed, lowers her head to my pussy and pauses before she gets to it, looking up at me, teasing me as I lay helplessly, beginning to squirm. I stare down into her eyes, biting my own lip, I whimper and tremble, trying to say something, but the words just won't leave my mouth, Mistress smirks and looks up at me, "something to say puppy?", she asks, mockingly. "P..please...Fuck me..Mistress", I whimper, begging and pleading with my eyes, Mistress grins before diving into my pussy.

I gasp hard and my hips raise, wanting Mistress to pleasure me more, I'm moaning helplessly, my arms pulling against the handcuffs desperately trying to get free, wanting to push Mistress' head further into my pussy. Mistress uses her tongue to to tease my clit, circling it gently but hard enough to make my clit stand on edge, becoming very sensitive. I groan and look down at her eyes are shut, her tongue still teasing my clit, I buck my hips hard, hoping she will take pity on me and just fuck me, but of course, she doesn't.

Mistress continues to tease my clit, my pussy feels like its on fire as I try to keep myself from cumming. Suddenly she slips her tongue straight into my pussy, "uhhh!!" I moan whilst arching my back. Mistress uses one hand to rub my clit, her other hand lifts up to play with my sensitive nipples, I gasp hard. My head tilted back, gasping, eyes shut tight as I moan loud, my Mistress slows down abit before stopping, I look down at her and she looks up at me before saying "Whats wrong Puppy?", I reply - "Please don't stop Mistress".

Mistress giggles before saying "beg me my little bitch!!". I moan and look into her eyes, "Please Mistress, please lick my pussy, please make me cum", I moan and whimper helplessly, needing to cum so bad. Mistress shoves her tongue deep into my pussy, one of her hands rubbing my clit, the other tugging at my nipples again, I moan loud, gasping hard, squirming and screaming, my pussy dripping. "Do not cum until I say, Puppy!", Mistress orders, I whimper "Yes Mistress" and try to think of anything but my Mistress' tongue in my pussy.

I'm biting my lip helplessly, I'm still moaning, I don't think I can hold on any longer, "Please Mistress! Please let me cum!", I begin to beg Mistress. "Cum for me bitch" She says before sucking hard on my clit, I scream in pleasure and begin to orgasm and cum, my juices flowing, my hips raised as I hit climax, my eyes tight shut and head tilted back. Mistress stands up, uncuffs my hands and lays next to me on the bed, her arms wrapped around me, pulling me close to her, letting my head rest on her chest, I yawn and shut my eyes...Feeling safe in Mistress' arms as I drift off to sleep.
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