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Short story
I sit on my heels, patiently waiting for Sir, blindfold on, my hands opened palm side up against my knees. I'm trying to control my breathing but the anticipation is getting the better of me... I shiver slightly as the cool air drifting in from the open window blows across my exposed body, my mind starts to drift...I start to think of all the things Sir might have in store for me...I wasn't terribly naughty...hopefully he might have some leniency...

I must be too deep in my own thoughts as they next thing i know my hair is yanked back...I didn't hear him come up the stairs....nor did I hear the door open. "Sir?", I whimper, slightly confused, I feel the warmth of his breath get close to my neck, causing me to gasp and tilt my head to the side...to my surprise he kisses my neck, I let out a louder gasp, he stops. "Please Sir, don't stop..", I complain - "What was that!", he says sternly, I hear him stand back up and walk in-front of me, followed by an unmistakable whistle of the flogger cutting through the air and landing on my breasts. I wince and take a sharp breath, not expecting the second, third and fourth to follow as quick as they do, I moan as each one lands, criss-crossing my breasts.

I whimper and tremble, before focusing on trying to calm my breathing down a little. "Why do I get the feeling that your enjoying this, slut?", Sir questions in a stern tone, I tremble and whimper but don't reply, I don't know why I'm enjoying...How do I tell Sir? How do I tell him that Every punishment, every tone he uses, every look he gives me...has me squirming and trembling...I quickly become lost in my thoughts again, I feel the fire between my legs growing... The ache becoming unbearable.

My hair is yanked back again, I whimper loudly, and bite my lip, my juices starting to soak my thighs. My hair is released and the blindfolds is peeled off me, I take a moment to adjust, before looking up at Sir, still biting my own lip. A sharp slap lands across my face, causing me to yelp, my eyes quickly lower to Sirs boots - "better", he says, causing me to smirk, he seems not to notice.

"Look at me, slut" Sir orders, I look up at him, "something funny is it?", I squirm and bite my lip, not knowing what to say. My eyes start to wander as Sir stares down at me, I quickly become nervous, but so excited, "I'm sorry Sir", I manage to whisper through my heavy breaths of excitement. A slight smirk appears across Sirs mouth, I look down nervously...He uses one hand to grab my throat, the other grabs my hair. I gasp and tilt my head back a little, my eyes meeting his again. He leans down, kisses me deeply and starts to nibble on my lip.

My nipples become increasingly hard - my excitement becoming more and more visible. Sir loosens his grip a little but keeps his hand in place around my throat, his hand moves down from my hair, he roughly grabs one of my thighs, I gasp and buck my hips, wanting more. He ever so gently rubs his hand across my pussy causing me to let out a light gasp, Sir leans down again, and whispers in my ear - "what do you want slut? ... Tell me". He bites my ear lobe and gently sucks, making me moan louder, he releases the grasp from my throat and I tilt my head to the side.

"Please Sir...Please play with me?", I moan again and whimper desperately, causing him to grin. He slips two fingers deep inside me, I gasp and tilt my head back as I begin to moan, "This is what you wanted, isn't it you little slut!", I gasp, the sterness of his voice turning me on even more, his fingers start to move faster, "I asked you a question!". "Yes Sir!" I manage to say, through the uncontrollable moans, my hips now bucking in rhythm with his fingers, he bites down and starts to suck on my neck, I moan louder and grab at his shirt, gasping eagerly, so helpless under his control, my pussy becoming increasingly wet, soaking his fingers.

My moans become louder, my breathing becoming rapid and deeper, my body responding to Sirs each and every touch...he knows I'm close, his pace picks up, my eyes shut tight and my head tilts back, starting to edge. Please Sir, I moan whimper through the moans, he keeps a steady pace and replies - What my little Slut, what do you want?, I continue to moan, struggling to get my words out, my mind totally blank, completely under his control. Please Sir, Please may I cum?, breath trembling and shaking as I manage to whimper my request.

He suddenly stops, I whimper loud and groan in frustration, my hair gets pulled back hard, he moves his face close to mine, "do you dare to complain?", he questions me. I look deep into Sirs eyes, quickly becoming lost but very uncomfortable under his intense stare, I start to nervously bite my lip, he stands up. "You know what that does to me, don't you Slut?" ... "Yes Sir", I reply hesitantly, I know exactly what it does to him and I know exactly when to do it...

I watch as Sir slowly unbuckles his belt ... taking it off ever so slowly, watching me tremble at his feet as he slowly unzips his fly and pulls down his trousers ... I bite my lip again. He grabs a fistful of my hair, holding his cock in his other hand, Sir slaps his cock across my face, I lick my lips. "You want it don't you Slut?", I nod my hair before whispering through trembled breath - Yes Sir...I want your cock so badly.

Sir pushes the tip of his cock against my lips, my mouth opens, inviting his cock in, I greedily take it straight into my throat, his hand still tangled in my hair, my eyes locked onto his as I deep throat his cock. He starts to push my head further down, making me take his full length, he begins to ram his cock deep into my throat, using my hair to move my head in rhythm with his thrusts.

I begin to choke and gag as Sir fucks my throat, my eyes watering as I feel his cock hitting the back of my throat with each thrust. He orders me to move one hand down between my legs and tease my clit as I suck, I start gently circling my clit with one finger, gasping and squirming, my pussy still soaking wet. I moan with his cock still deep in my throat, causing me to choke further, my eyes shut, I gasp in pleasure, my clit becoming hard and starting to throb as I tease, desperately wanting to touch it.

Sirs groans of pleasure increase, I feel his cock swelling in my mouth as he starts to throat fuck me harder and faster, causing me to moan in pleasure, my clit now aching, longing to be touched and played with. I want to cum so badly but I know better than to beg to do so whilst Sir is enjoying fucking my mouth, I moan louder on his cock, he tugs my hair hard as he slams into my throat, holding me down on his cock.

I taste the pre-cum in my throat and start to moan, desperately wanting to taste Sirs cum, he continues to roughly fuck my throat, his moans getting louder, his breathing getting faster, his tip swelling further. He slams into my throat one more time, his warm cum shoots down my throat, I begin to hungrily swallow as much of it as I can, but a little escapes my mouth, pouring down my tits and onto the floor, he holds my head in place until he's finally done.

He releases his grip from my hair and pulls his cock from my mouth, I look up at him again, my face covered in the mascara that has ran down my face, the cum still dripping from my tits. He uses two of his fingers to scoop the cum from my tits before feeding it to my, I suck his fingers clean, enjoying the taste of Sirs cum.

Sir looks down at me, "Look at the mess you've made, I hope your not thinking about wasting my cum?", He mockingly asks, I whimper. My cheeks flush a slight shade of pink as I lower my head down to the floor and begin to lap up Sirs precious cum. Once done, I sit back onto my knees, head bowed, knees still spread, my pussy and thighs still soaked, wanting to feel him between my legs so badly.

Sir picks up the handcuffs from the bed and walks behind me, I tremble as I feel the cold metal close around my wrists, he walks back round and in front of me, "Stand!", he commands. I slowly stand, eyes looking down to Sirs shoes, my hands behind my back, legs spread, waiting for further instruction. Sir starts to slowly strip off, my eyes stay locked on his shoes, in hope he will reward my obedience.

Sir gently cups my chin and lifts me to my feet, lifting my head, making me look up at him, he brings his mouth close to my ear and whispers - "I'm going to fuck your pussy so hard, your going to beg me to cum...aren't you Slut?!". I tremble at Sirs words, bite my lip and whimper - Yes Sir...

Sir spins me around and bends me over the bed, face down, I turn my head slightly so look at him, he pushes my legs apart and stands at the side of my legs, gently stroking my ass with his hand. "What have I told you about biting that lip?", he questions, I whimper in response, a sharp slap lands across my ass, I wince slightly and let out a moan. "Nothing to say? .... I thought not", he sarcastically comments, before continuing to land numerous spanks across my ass, each slap lands in a different place.

I feel my ass start to tingle as it becomes warm and a little sore. I whimper, feeling my juices soaking my thighs, wanting Sir to take me right now, my breathing becoming rapid again. Sir spread my legs wider, I feel the cool air blow against my soaked, sensitive pussy, I moans quietly, hoping the he is going to fuck me.

Sir swings his hand back and lands a rain of slaps against my pussy, paying special attention to my clit, I whimper and moan as each slap lands. My pussy becoming more and more sensitive with each slap, I start to tremble and beg Sir to for forgiveness, whimpering helplessly, head tilted back.

The slaps stop, I feel Sir pushing two fingers into my pussy slowly, I gasp and moan, eyes shut, panting hard, his fingers push deeper inside me before starting to fuck me. I start to moan louder, panting hard, gasping in pleasure, " uhh yes, uhhh yes Sir!!", my pussy is soaking Sirs fingers, throbbing under his touch.

Sir removes his fingers and pulls me up, turns me around and takes the handcuffs off me before pushing me onto my back, onto the bed. My legs are spread wide, my pussy and thighs glistening with my juices, I'm looking up at Sir, pleading with my eyes, wanting to feel him inside me. Sir grabs my arms and pins me down to the bed before beginning to kiss me deeply and passionately, gently nibbling my lip as he moves his hands from my arms, to my tits.

He starts kissing his way down to my tits, taking one nipple in his mouth and biting as he twists the other one causing me to gasp in pleasure. Sir starts to kiss back up, reaching my neck, he kisses and bites and sucks hard as gently rubs his cock up and down my slit, teasing me - I whimper under him , "Please Sir...fuck me...".

Sir slowly slides his cock into me, I gasp hard as I feel his cock slide deep inside me, my knees bend up the sides of Sir, giving him better access. Sir picks up his speed and begins roughly fucking my pussy, hard and fast, sliding ass the way out of me before slamming the full length into my soaking wet pussy. My moans quickly turn into screams of pleasure, I'm gasping and panting hard, my head tilted back as Sir continues to bite my neck, leaving his marks.

His pace increases, my pussy starts to throb and tighten around Sirs cock, he moves his mouth back down to my tits and starts to suck on my nipple whilst twisting the other again. I wince a little as Sir twists my nipple hard, still slamming hard into my pussy, my moans start to get louder and my panting becoming heavier.

My head tilts back further, grabs onto the bed sheets, my hips raise, Sir feels me tighten abound him, getting to close, I begin to whimper and groan loud. "Please Sir, may I cum? Please!", I whimper and beg for release, he leans down to my ear and whispers "be a good girl and cum hard for me!".

I scream in pleasure, head tilted back further, moves my hand to Sirs back, running my nails up and down his back, my legs begin to shake as I reach orgasm, I start to cum hard, quickly reaching climax. Sir slows down a little as I begin to come down from my orgasm. I whimper as I come back round, Sir gently kisses my lips, lays next to me and begins to stroke my hair. I close my eyes, and fall into a deep sleep in Sirs arms.
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