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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Horror/Scary · #2192174
Get me out of here
It was a dark night at Yansvile. The town had a creepy feel to it. There was not a place creepier then one building. That building was at the edge of the town.

On one fateful night, two men decided to journey into the building.

"We shouldn't be going in here" suggested Luke.

"What you afraid of some dust" replied Austin.

"The feel seems off"

"As long as your flashlight is fully charged it'll be fine"


As the duo made their way through the area, the creeking of the boards made Luke's skin crawl.

At the last book shelf, "Do you have to always go to the last bookshelf?" questioned Luke

"Relax dude it'll be fine" replied Austin.

Out of nowhere, Luke yelled "RUN"

Austin replied, "Im sure it's nothing"

"Look up"

Austin obliged and saw a mummy creeping towards them. The mummy was moving like a zombie from the stereotypical horror film. Austin said, "Good idea"

The duo ran back the way they came until they ran into another mummy.

"Take the stairs" ordered Austin.

After running up the staircase, the duo took a sharp left. Running into another mummy, they ran through a door into a bathroom. They shut the door and Luke put his back up against it.

"Do you think those creatures will get in?" asked Luke.

"Not if you stay firm" replied Austin.

Banging sounds from the other side started to be heard as Luke felt pushes from the other side of the door. "I don't know if I can hold firm"

"What's that noise?"

"What do you think that noise is? It's those things that are trying to push me out of the way"

"No the whistling"

The duo looked down and saw an air vent big enough to fit a body inside. "How are we going to get that thing open?" asked Luke.

Austin tugged at the bars but it was no use. "Not by tugging it"

"There has to be a way" replied Luke.

Austin looked up and saw the sink. "I have an idea" Austin pulled the handle off one of sinks.

"How is prying going to work?" asked Luke.

"That is not what I'm thinking" Austin claimed.

"Well hurry, I'm getting tired holding the position"

Austin started whacking at the bars with the handlebar.

"You know that's not a hammer and the noise is super annoying" complained Luke.

"Just shut up" hissed Austin while he continued to wack the bar. The bar began to break and Austin commented "You were saying"

"Now go I'm still holding the door"

Austin walked over to the door a put his foot in the entrance. "You go"

As soon as Luke was through, Austin said to himself "here I go" before trying to smash through an entire army of mummies.

Luke quickly crawled into the vent. The vent was a squeeze but Luke was sure the creatures weren't going to enter. As soon as Luke got out he swore never to return.
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