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Two brothers begin to iron out their new reality after their fathers death.
Abdication by Ironworker aka Dayna 300 words Submitted for the Daily Flash contest 6-1/19

Jasper and Daniel King inherited the Monarch, a small bar their father started in Atlanta and after the funeral guests left they sat down to talk.

“So, what's on your mind? said Daniel, bald. He poured a fresh glass of Jack straight for both of them pulled over a chair to sit across from him. Jasper, the elder brother, bearded, loosened his tie, opened his collar and set aside his computer. He took a deep breath as though the air had thinned. Daniel, sipping his drink watched, rolled his eyes and said, “Okay, just what kind of mess are you putting on the table now?”

“Alright... We're leaving, Vicky and I are moving to Arizona.” said Jasper. Daniel steadied his drink and glancing at it then the floor.

“I took the position at the Allied Corporation,” Jasper continued.

“What... What are you saying?" Daniel sighed, "We finally got the Bar--”

“I know but--”

Daniel frowning, “But what? Where's this coming from?”.

“Don't act like this is coming out of the blue.” said Jasper.

Daniel glance bounced about the room, rubbing his mouth as he turned and stared out a window, to their side, into the large green backyard as their children played together in the sun.

There was silence.

And for a moment only the horn of a distant freight train could be heard.

“Uh huh. So your going to run off again to live your... dream,” Daniel lamented.

“What... later for you brother.” Leaning forward to gain all his brother's full attention. “If you can't handle it, say so.”

Daniel, staring him back adjusting his posture, said, “The bar will be fine.” "I just thought....”

Jasper sat back deep into the couch and took his first drink saying, “Brother!-- I'm only a phone call away.”

There was peace and for a while as they turned to watched their children play in the light of the new day.

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