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poem for dark dreamscape contest June 2019
Winnie the Pooh Meets the Grimm Reaper

Winnie the Pooh Meets the Grimm Reaper

Winnie the Poo cosmic bear
And his sidekick Sammy the Squirrel
Were sitting outside after lunch
Watching the world go by

Saying hello to all their friends
Who stopped by to chat
The air grew cold
A big storm was approaching

Winnie looked up
And saw a gigantic black bat flying
Straight out of hell itself
A man dressed in black riding on its back

The bat landed
Unloading its passenger
The man came up to Winnie and said,
“Are You Winnie the Cosmic bear?”

“that is who I am
This is Sammy the squirrel
What can we do for you
And who are you anyway?”

The man dressed in the black robe,
Perturbed at this act of defiance
Stood up and raised his scythe in the air
and said to Winnie and Sammy,

“I am the Grimm Reaper
Sent from the heavens
Per our rules and regulations
And it is time for you”

“But I am not ready to go
Lots of things to do
People to meet
Honey to eat”

“Mr. Bear you are on my list
See here you are” and showed him the list
Winnie looked at the list
And demanded to see a lawyer

The Grimm Reaper laughed
Lawyers won’t be able to help you
They will take you money
But in the end, you are mine

It is part of the cosmic balance
Of the universe
Everyone must meet his maker
And be judged on their judgment day”

I can’t change that
No one can
It is part
of the law of karma”

Winnie stood up
Growled for good measure
And ran off into the forest
The Grimm reaper caught up to him

Grabbed him
And threw him
On the back of the cosmic bat
And flew into the setting sun

Poor Winnie was never seen again
He was missed
Sammy led the wake
And all cried all day

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