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by Eobard
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Erotica · #2193045
Call for Helen is bad Dash. Violet goes undercover using Tony. Incredibles owned by Pixar
This is set in 1968 after the Incredibles 2, the father and baby aren't named because they are only mentioned once.

In a midcentury mansion atop a hill in a city called Metroville located in America. Their lives a family of superpowered superheroes. The father is with the baby boy at a daycare to try to get him enrolled, the daughter is getting ready for a pool date with teenager Tony Rydinger at her house, the mother is also home laying down on the couch in her costume with the i on it while reading a book, and her son has just returned after going to a costume store to make an addition to his costume so it could be unique. With his super speed he runs over to his mother so she can see what he did.
“Hey mom look my supersuit is a lot more cooler.” The blond haired boy said with enthusiasm while wearing his costume with the added feature. His mother Helen moves her legs so she is sitting on the couch then places the book on the armrest with a bookmark to keep track of where she ended off.
She looks at her son to be horrified that he is wearing a short yellow cape.
“Take that off this instant Dash!” She says with an angry tone. He shakes his head at her in a defiant manner
“No way! I think it looks awesome. If you don't want me wearing it then… You will have to catch me!” He laughs as he uses his speed to run away from her.
“No running in the house!” She tries using her elasticity to catch him but after awhile she starts giving up and wants to go back to reading her book when suddenly the landline starts ringing so she stretches her arm to answer it..
“Hello?” She asks cautiously
“Don't you get tired of the men in your house ignoring whatever you say or at least your son Dash's rebelliousness Mrs. Parr?” the woman on the other line says
“Who is this?” Helen asks
“You should fart on your son till submission and your daughter Violet should do the same to that Rydinger kid then record it. He will only believe she can be a superhero if he experiences her powers first hand. Your daughter shall also get the privilege of starting a revolution in the world.”
Helen got up from the couch and was about to ask her something until she felt Dash run into her right butt cheek then watched as he fell to the ground.
“I'm gonna have to call you back.” Helen says embarrassed
“Just do what I've said then we shall open a portal in your house to our base.” The lady says pointedly
Helen stretches her arm to hang up the phone, turns her attention to her son who is shaking his head on the ground from the impact, then yanks the cape off of his costume. She needs to discipline him for his foolishness and since her methods haven't been working. Perhaps what the stranger said might work better.
So she turns her back to her son, increases her butt to the size of his head. descends her backside onto his head, then clenches it and stands up (taking him with it). Dash starts thrashing around trying to get released from the fleshy globes for oxygen and to stop his skull from being crushed. Feeling him trying to wiggle out she tightens her tush then sits on the couch.
"Dash I'm tired of telling you what to do or how to act. So you will either learn to behave or…(grunts)"
After hearing and smelling the gas his mother let out Dash doubles his efforts to escape his current predicament. He tries pushing on his mom's behind but that just makes her want to…
Release even stronger gas to make him stop.
Then he uses his super speed to repeatedly kick her rump but she takes this as him massaging it. They both hear someone coming down the stairs (Helen more than Dash) and knows that it must be Violet.
The daughter of the Parr family comes running down the stairs in a one piece to find her mother standing with her hands behind her back waiting for her in her supersuit.
"Mom Tony is going to be here any minute. Why are you in your supersuit?!"
Instead of answer her daughter's question Helen turns around then moves her hands out of the way to show that Dash's head is in between her cheeks. The once energetic 10 year old has his legs slowly dangling below his mother's two globes. Helen clenches her fists and grunts.
Even with her brother's head blocking it Violet could still hear her mother's fart. Helen grabs her son's back and gently lays him in between her and her daughter with his top half on Violet's side. He starts to regain his energy but his sister puts two small force fields on his wrists before he could flee.
"Violet I was just disciplining your brother. But I'm thinking you should have a go at him. Since he always teases you. Then we'll need to talk about Tony."
Violet gets over her shock of seeing what her mother has been doing to Dash and starts thinking. Her brother deserves to be punished this way but she is smart enough to know that her mother wants her to do the samething to him. She ultimately decides to play along to find out what's going on with her mother since this isn't like her.
"Sorry little brother but mother knows best."
Violet puts her feet on both sides of Dash's head as he tries in vain to break his bounds. She kneels down on both her brother's arms, descends her tush onto his face, her calves over his arms, and places her ankles below his head to give him at least some comfort. Dash may be being smothered by his sister right now but to him his sister's butt at least leaves him room to breathe… that is until.
His sister's fart was worse than his mother's. In Fact he couldn't take anymore of this kind of punishment and past out within a minute of the gas being released.
Violet lifts her butt off Dash to see that he has passed out after just one poot from her and she feels disappointed that she no longer has to do this to her brother… for now. Helen is pleased her daughter did as told so she thinks she is ready to talk about Tony.
"Well done Violet. Now about Tony. See you… can't have a normal relationship with him."
"What?! Why?! I mean I know I can't tell him about me having powers but…"
Her mother interrupts her to tell her why.
"He can know you have powers. But only if you use them on him. He won't want you risking your life if he thinks you can't defend yourself. So change into your supersuit, go to the pool, and do what we did to Dash on Tony."
Violet nods her head, gets off of her brother, and goes to her room to change into her supersuit.
A few minutes later Tony arrives at the house wearing a t-shirt and bathing shorts. He stops at the door when he sees a note taped to it that says.
"Dear Tony: I'm almost done getting ready. Go around the house and I'll be ready shortly."
He shrugs then goes around the house to the pool. He gets to the pool, removes his shirt, then cannonballs into the pool. Strange thing is he hit the bottom of it but it felt softer and more circular than it looked. He opens his eyes to see that he's trapped inside a purple forcefield with a few inches of water on the bottom.
"Comfy in your confined space citizen?"
Violet says this while trying to disguise her voice, faces the bubble, and becomes visible in front of it. Before Tony could make out who she is she turns around and puts her butt over a small hole she left on the bubble.
Tony covers his nose in a feeble attempt to not take in the tainted air around him. Violet thought she could end this with one fart like she did for Dash but turns her head to see him covering his nose.
"What's a matter To… umm citizen, Can't take a girl's gas? Well try this one!"
Violet tries to push out another powerful poot like earlier but instead she is letting out more tiny ones. As she is trying for another big she is unintentionally shrinking the force bubble Tony is in. The bubble shrinks until it is touching his head which means Violet's last grunt…
The fart was bigger than she expected but she forced herself to wait a minute before checking on her boyfriend who fainted within seconds of being Trapped with the gas.
Violet drags Tony into the house and notices her mother Helen uploading something to the internet. Closer inspection of the screen reveals to her that what she was doing to Tony has been recorded by her mother and posted on the internet.
"Mom! Why did you do that?" Violet says angrily since this could ruin Tony's life.
"Sorry I didn't tell you earlier sweetie but your boyfriend's new role in life is as your fart cushion and only you can use him. Also you get the privilege of starting a revolution! I mean just look at the amount of views and comments already."
Her daughter does look below the video to see that it has already gotten over a thousand views and the number is skyrocketing. In the comments section she sees encouraging words from what she assumes to be females and denial of the event from what she assumes is guys.
"So wanna take this to the next phase with me?"
Violet nods her head yes then on cue a portal opens up in the house. The Parr women grab Dash and Tony then head thru the portal to a strange new world. All content has a title and the title of the video Elastigirl uploaded is Letting Loose for Womankind!

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