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by vapid
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the only way to experience it all, is to bring yourself up and feel the fall
A rock, a ruby or an obscured diamond, they’re all in sight yet it’s finicky to find them, a titanic amount of time and effort, it can all be dwindled down, never to be bested.
a bush, a building, an insight into devastation, killed or conquered for the next excavation, you paw at the soul to find a way, the wind breaks you down as your parts decay.
A killer, a coolness is found in the night, the id reacts with abundant fright, fear calls for its brothers, sadness and rage, they fly off the handle and out of their cage

Negative or positive, we will all shatter, brittle bones meet the floor with a loud clatter, this sense of dread doesn’t come for free, meet your new master by the name of entropy
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