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Notes and ideas about Government and Society
Democracy, Meritocracy, Socialism and Capitalism, a system with something for everyone.

Democracy let's the populace participate in their society.

Meritocracy endeavours to ensure competent decision making.

Socialism strives to equalise society.

Capitalism provides an outlet for ambition.

Transparent, Humanitarian, Environmental, Reasoning, Ethical, goals for Government.

Transparency is one of the most important ways to protect society and protect against corruption, regulatory capture and degradation of rights.

Humanitarianism is what ensures that minorities and the vulnerable are protected from marginalisation. This is tied to the acknowledgement of everyone as a person with inalienable rights regardless of provenance.

Environmentalism is the requirement that to live a satisfactory life, air, water, food, shelter, medicine, power and communications must be provided in a way that best meets the needs of the populace, obviously poisoning the environment to provide those needs is counterproductive and short sighted.

Reasoning is a tool to ensure good outcomes of policy. The only way to provide objective and accurate input is via science, data and reasoning.

Ethics is an ideal for Government to strive for to achieve it's other goals. Non-ethical behaviour leads to corruption.
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